What if there were parallel universes that were like all of the different outcomes of the choices we make? Can infinite possibilities of your life exist in this very universe as these parallels? What if there was a way to align yourself with the possibilities of the highest intent, to launch you forward into the experience of living that serves your highest and best good? And what if this alignment was so strong, it simply pulled you through in the right direction, instantly manifesting this life for you? Awww yea…



All of these are possible! And there is a process that you can be guided through to use this universal truth to make your life everything you desire. Right here. Right now. And there’s science to back this! When you look at yourself in the mirror, think of everything you’re made of—every cell, every atom, every quark, and every photon (yea you are made of light, but there’s a lot more). Every one of those are bits of information projected from one central point—the singularity that is our universe. When it had its Big Bang, it transmuted energy and created space. And that’s all we have to do! 

When we create space, we are making the conditions perfect for ourselves to be connected with the universal underlying energy that’s everywhere. When we transmute energy, we honor the natural flow of the energy itself. That’s just what it does! So why hold onto things like negative emotions, hurt from the past, worry about the future, and limiting beliefs? Ask how these have served you in the past up until this point of the eternal present. Acknowledge these feelings and beliefs as you seek the highest intent. Keep going higher, looking to how each level of intent has served you. Thank yourself for having these feelings as you love them and love yourself even more. That’s all you have to do to move energy! 

And now that we are cleared in this brand new moment, let’s look deeper into the nature of the energy flow in the universe. Just as it acts as one singularity projecting itself as all of the bits of information that make YOU, the universe itself experiences it’s own version of infinite projections. And it’s really just all of the unlimited possibilities of one universe. Infinite parallels. One singularity. Multiple universes were discovered by how quantum mechanics govern the realm that used to be unknown. Until it wasn’t anymore. What we didn’t know that we didn’t know is starting to come to light. Then we know there’s more to the universe than what we have known in the past up until now. We do know that with quantum physics, we don’t see objects—we see the most likely representation of the infinite possibilities of that object at the time we observe it. It could be anything! But whatever it is that we see is the perfect thing for us to see at that time. And that’s good to know isn’t it? 

The universe is the same. Infinite universes all the time. We simply observe one universe and a linear timeline. But in truth, all possibilities exist. And how can we use this new knowledge to improve our lives? That’s the trillion dollar question! And the answer is easier than you might think, because it’s something already known in every grain of our existence. Those infinite possibilities of parallel universes are one and the same as the infinite possibilities of our lives! Think of your life purpose, or what you would like it to be. There’s a parallel universe right now where that’s THE reality! And it’s even easier to guide yourself to that possibility. It’s how we attract. We simply align our highest intentions, seeing that everything is in the now, and putting all of these intentions into this universal possibility of your divine purpose. Fill it with all the love! Let it grow in its own Big Bang as you create the space in your life right here, right now. The infinite universes are all connected as one. Just as you are. Feel the oneness permeate every grain of your existence, and when you are ready, and whenever that is it will be the perfect time for you, just step into that model of possibility. When you move, you change universes!

That’s really how it works! We are constantly going in and out of different possibilities for every decision and choice we make throughout our daily lives. But if we were unaware (in the past), then we may not have been taking full advantage of what is available to us. But when we lead with love, these portals open and our universe grows! We keep going into these possibilities, aligning ourselves with our highest intent and life’s purpose, and we start getting pulled in the perfect direction just right for us, based on the intentions we set. We can improve our lives by loving more and being open to infinite possibilities. Because knowledge is the ORIGINAL self-empowerment!

Getting curious, who out there would be interested in a workshop to be guided into this process of universal alignment? Because my intuition tells me it’s needed right now… And I’m here to help! Jus sayin. 



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