Do you believe multiple universes are real? When is theory “just theory” and how does data support its weight? Keep in mind, any scientific theory is supported by data. It may be essentially proven but still missing some data, like evolution and gravity theories. How the data is obtained can come from two sources: mathematical predictions and actual physical observations. The multiverse theories have been discussed heavily in physics and are generally regarded sound; however, the verdict is still out. Not surprisingly, most people have limiting beliefs that prevent acceptance of a concept of multiple universes. It sounds to me like this needs to be explored!

The common view is that universes would be┬áseparate, but there isn’t really any data to support this. In the theoretical realm, multiple universes are nothing more than a consequence of the quantum laws of our universe. It is still one universe. But when you observe it, you are essentially stopping the universe for a split second at the time of the observation. This is one of the main properties discussed in quantum physics – the observation biases the outcome. In English, perception creates reality.

We see one universe within a veritable ocean of infinite possibilities. At the time of observation, the outcome represents the highest statistical probability. Yet all other possibilities exist. When an object moves from point A to point B, there is a small possibility that it travels all the way across the universe and back. And it actually does! Think of the path you see as the combination of all possible paths. Now think of the universe as the combination of all possible parallel universes. Now you got it!

So if the multiverse is our universe, how does this change how we view the theory? Can we observe physical phenomenon in a multiverse? Yes! We just don’t know what to look for yet. This is where the Omniverse comes in – a proposal of a pre-Big Bang model that actually works quite well with multiverse theory. A single point particle – our singularity – is ejected from a white hole becoming the Big Bang and all statistical probabilities of the Big Bang. A multiverse is born. Our universe is the egg and where about to break out!

I have also found that spirituality actually helps make it possible to observe effects of the multiverse – without even needing any equipment. It seems our brains are already equipped for the task. They do in fact mimic the universe in appearance and function! Take a journey beyond the physical brain into the mind – the fields of thought and pure emotion you tap into. The mind is nonphysical. It is a bridge between physical and spiritual.

The mind perceives each moment as infinite possibilities. The nonphysical transcends time – a measurement of physical decay only. One choice can be viewed across ALL time. By making decisions, we are aligning ourselves with outcomes we choose with a higher level of consciousness, By aligning ourselves, we are actually choosing which alternate universe (which outcome) we are residing in.

This means that we can literally move between parallel universes. And this is true because the possibilities are infinite! We only know for sure that we are in our universe at any given moment because that is all we are permitted to observe by our physical laws. But when you understand the concept and learn to surf the multiverse, you will gain abilities to manifest. This is the ultimate life hacking! So, evidence for parallel universes might just be the observation of changes in our universe that were the outcome of our own decisions. Now, where did you leave your keys?

When you seek to align yourself with our universe’s infinite possibilities, you will find my upcoming book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse: What Happened before the Big Bang. Everything we know about our universe is about to change (again). Go to and follow facebook/GrandSlamTheory for more. Thanks for reading!



“Science is a tool to gain knowledge. Perception is the ability to witness the miracles of science. Consciousness is understanding the meaning of the universe.” – Andrew

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