Multiverse in a Bottle

There are synchronicities abound when you see the universe in new ways. The universe is full of similarities from the very large to the very small. As above, so below. The universe repeats on many scales. The beginning of a galaxy’s life looks like the beginning of a cell’s life when it divides. The universe itself is one and the same as an electron field to an atom. The atom is the Omniverse, and the Omniverse contains infinite possibilities of our universe. It’s a multiverse of parallels and much, much more. And there’s a secret to how to navigate the multiverse to attract everything you desire. To create a better now

Your brain is the key. 

You may not know it yet, but really you do. Your subconscious mind automatically knows. Because its wiring–your neural networking–is designed just like the universe. No, that doesn’t mean the universe looks like a brain. It’s what you don’t see. 

A new study examined the brain’s networking, finding neural structures in 11 dimensions. The universe has 11 dimensions (that we know of). I guess you could say we’re created in its image. The takeaway is this: The brain is way more powerful than we we’ve been taught in the past. 

What this really means is that the brain is wired in such a way to tap into all of the universe’s infinite possibilities. And here’s the weird part–we only see the world around us in 3 dimensions. Or 4 when we account for time. That’s the miracle of our own neuroscience. Our perception filters out what we can understand from the infinite realm of possibilities. We generalize, delete, and distort information to put it into our 3-dimensional world. 

Your language is a reflection of how you specifically perceive and narrow down information from infinite possibilities. Everything you say to yourself is shaping your reality. What you see is a reflection of your beliefs. That’s why everybody sees the world differently. Your reality is just as unique as you are. And just as programmable…

You can change your reality. 

Your brain is wired around your root causes for major emotions, and every time you’re triggered, you’re following the same neural pathways. That’s why adults act like kids when they’re upset. And it’s also why you have significant events in your timeline, because you attracted them. Sounds grim, but each time your brain is telling you something. It wants you to change. To grow. To evolve. 

That’s why the brain creates new neural pathways. It is constantly rewiring itself. Unless you resist. A lot of people do, and that’s why they never seem to change. But that’s not you. I know this because you’re reading this now. You want to embrace the new you. The empowered you. The evolved you. You want to love yourself even more. 

You are exactly at the right place and the right time. 

You know how people talk about a shift to the 5 th dimension? It’s not really a physical change. Not only does the brain constantly rewire itself as you change for the better, your perception expands as you bring in more possibilities for your life every single brand new moment. You rewrite reality. You open up to the possibilities that are already around you because your brain is designed to do so. You’re multidimensional after all. 

It’s a shift in perception.

You’re adapting to the surroundings you create as you evolve, bridging the higher dimensions of your consciousness. Every bit of your growth is bringing you closer to your universal consciousness. Ever wonder why some people see spirits and angels? We see glimpses of other dimensions. As awareness expands, we communicate more. And there’s a lot more than the spirit realm. There’s multiple levels of consciousness. There’s other worlds we evolved from. The more you know, the closer you are to home. 

It’s all built in.

Your brain is multidimensional just like the universe. It’s designed to grow exactly as you are. The 5th dimension is just the beginning. 

Ever since we evolved on this planet we’ve been designed for this. We’ve been on this planet for 400,000 years with the same brains. Sure, we thought it was 200,000, but then a cave was found with bodies literally on display. It was meant to be found. And they were 300,000 years old. Mitochondrial DNA studies years before traced our roots back this far. And through an anomaly, some older DNA was found. When scientists explored this further, they found a smaller population group in a specific region of Africa dating back to 400,000 years. 

Our ancestors weren’t just evolved, they were incubated. There’s so much more to learn about our evolution. We don’t even have a direct descendant that we know of. The key to understanding our past is to understand yourself right now. 

You are multidimensional. You are capable of growing and evolving. You are expanding your awareness. You are stepping into your power. And when you are ready, your subconscious automatically increases your perception. It’s like entering a new portal into a parallel universe… Because it is. Welcome home. 


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