Think we know all there is to know about the universe? Was the Higgs the last great find? There’s much more to the picture. The LHC will be conducting high energy supercollider tests in 2015 in hopes to find more fundamental building blocks of our universe and maybe rewrite the laws of physics. Gravitons and superpartners are among the list of forthcoming discoveries, if observed.

The Omniverse proposal in 2013 (coming soon) will look at the entire universe as if it were a particle. The universe is, in fact, a singularity. Only a Planck length. The Omniverse is the big picture. It is a mechanism to produce the singularity and create the Big Bang. Our universe s like an electron to the Omniverse.

If the universe is like an electron, is it a fractal repeating pattern? What happens when we continue to look smaller? This is where you get into the space where tiny, curled-up dimensions are found. This is the Nanoverse. Inside the vast space between quarks in a particle, the Nanoverse involves fundamental energies and dimensions yet to be observed. Once we understand the nature of extra dimensions, we will understand how gravity works on the quantum level. Then we will know the underlying force. Even matter may have roots in the higher dimensions. Dark matter, whose effects have been observed in space, might have a similar dimensional profile to ours, but not close enough for us to be able to see it. Someday, we may even be able to decode the multidimensional profile of complex molecules, like DNA. There’s more to discover about everything!

Pictured: First photograph of molecule showing different types of bonds between atoms. From IBM.

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