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Today’s blog is about evolution.  But this covers more than biological evolution.  We will be delving into the psyche of the cosmic consciousness to determine if there is an intelligent decision-making process governing the creation of the universe, and contrast it to our modern viewpoints.

The three most common descriptions of how we came to be are Creationism (God created us), Evolution (biological life evolved through a series of random mutations over 4 billion years) and Intelligent Design (God created a design for life to evolve).  It should be mentioned that all three are descriptions of the same thing, regardless of one’s own beliefs or disbeliefs. 


One may find it interesting to find out that the Big Bang is in fact creation.  In the first trillionth of a second, space unfolded faster than the speed of light and the universe began to form structure.  In order to form structure from the primordial cloud of subatomic particles however, laws of physics had to be followed.  Basic forces made particles attract.  Once particles start forming, the universe lit up as photons could move about freely.  Then gravitational clumping formed the structures we see today.

After structures formed, biological life forms in planetary systems with water, such as ours.  Scientists have successfully recreated the primordial ooze of life’s building blocks but have yet to find the spark to create life.  In addition, we have tested how our code came to be.  That code is DNA.  All living things on this planet share this feature. 

Evolution studies the tree of life in terms of morphology (classical Darwinian evolution) and DNA.  Studying the genes has led to several breakthroughs in our tree of life.  For example, Tyrannosaurus Rex was moved to a completely different branch close to the Archeopterix when it was found that it wasn’t related to the Allosaurus family.  Another example is modern humans, which appeared in the fossil record about 200,000 years ago.  Research in the human genome has shown that we have a mitochondrial common ancestor about 300,000 years old.  But genomic research has also shown that interbreeding with another hominid, Neanderthal, was minimal.  We have a tree of morphological hominid ancestors, of which none are directly related to us.  This gap in data opens up the debate for Intelligent Design.

Some think humans were created and put on this planet either by God or an extraterrestrial race.  In addition, ancient texts have documented this for thousands of years.  Yet, with only circumstantial evidence, it seems to be a leap of faith.  And for scientists who make this leap, they may find themselves discriminated against or blacklisted.  Even scientific institutions can be dogmatic, so it is a controversial subject.  But I question where this intelligence comes from.

I see intelligence as being inherent within the system.  Subatomic particles make decisions that affect their outcome.  Life follows patterns of a self-replicating code that constantly improves upon itself over billions of years.  Why assume that something or someone must be the creator when we can observe intelligence in nature?  On the other hand, why assume that the outcome is based on random mutations?  Both are assumptions.  It should be noted than the term random is used to describe a distribution of numbers that we simply don’t understand.  Random distribution may instead have an order we simply have not observed yet.  For example, ‘junk DNA,; considered to be random, useless genetic material, is being decoded.

In conclusion, all descriptions of our existence are based off of an assumption in one way or another.  However, if we drop our assumptions and open ourselves up to the possibilities, then we will make discoveries.  Look at how DNA replicates and how it changes over time.  Modern human’s closest relative was also the closest relative to two other important lineages.  Orangutangs, which some have argued are human’s closest ancestors based on morphology, and the line of hominids that led to Neanderthal have one common ancestor with us: chimpanzees.  Human DNA can be made with chimpanzee DNA simply by merging two genes.  Do we assume someone did this for us, or should we give credit to DNA?  If you examine the morphology, it appears we are DNA’s third attempt to create humanity.  If you look at evolution as a whole, this makes sense that DNA started in a single-celled organism.  Humans all have a master cell, located within the pineal gland.  This is not mere circumstance – we were designed by a self-replicating code that started in one cell.

One might say that our design is a vehicle for the intelligence within.  The entire purpose for developing brains might be to make this realization ourselves.  But on the other hand, it challenges us to overcome our surroundings.  Our perceptions tell us what we think is real or not.  However, the universe always has a trick up its sleeve.  With the advent of Quantum Physics and over two centuries of research, we have determined that the universe is actually a holographic image projected from a warped 2-D surface (this is explained in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse).  Everything we think is real is an illusion.  The reality is that we share our atomic makeup, even thoughts, with the singularity that created the Big Bang and are not governed by time.  Simply put, we are one with the universe.  Once we understand this concept, we can be our own controller of fate and evolution.

 – Change your perception, change your universe.


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