Nature is Carving You into a Magnificent Sculpture

You are becoming a new person every second of every day. You aren't the person you were yesterday. You are a brand new piece of art. Down to your cellular level, your body is constantly renewing and rebuilding, replacing old cells that die for you to come alive. You are the art of life. And what I have to say next may really hit you in the gut.



You might think that life is hard. It is. Everything happens on purpose. Everthing that's happened to you is part of the beautiful artwork that you are right here and now. Your experiences are carving you into a sculpture. I invite you to think about this—Earth would be a pretty boring place if it was just a round rock, right? That's why flowing water carves out a magnificent landscape, allowing the perfect conditions for life. Starting to see the big picture?

Now here's the trick: When you think of your past, notice how you can remember how much joy you had about certain things? Ever catch yourself thinking you lost any of that joy adulting? I will admite that I've done this. But you don't lose these your joy. This is illuminating your positive values. What you think might be loss could actually be that you've attracted the energy of these values, but in a way that's maybe less than positive. In other words, your values have been violated. That can result in hurt, frustration, sadness, fear, and anger. So you see, your subconscious is telling you that all of that joy is still there.

Your values are your template.

As the consctuction of the art of you begins, you set up a template to hold everything together. It is the steel beneath the surface. And everything from this point on is built upon your strong steel template. Piece by piece. It ain't always pretty. And like most of us, you tend to build up things that may be more than necessary. That's like applying too many layers of plaster onto your sculpture.

So you gotta break the mold. Sometimes shit's built up so much so that you must crack away at yourself. That's when life happens to you, know what I mean? But life is not happening to you. You are happening to life! Because the cracking away at this exterior is exactly what needs to happen. You gotta hit yourself with a hammer and chisel to really work yourself into the beautiful artwork that I see today. That's just part of the process of carving yourself. On Earth, even the most magnificent mountains must erode. This is natural.

Rest easy knowing that this process is why it hurts. This is why you feel pain from cracking away at what has served its purpose in the past up until now but is no longer needed. So you let it go. That is how you have become the beautiful sculpture you put forward into the world for those to see. You are a piece of art!

Ok, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Well, kind of a big one. That beautifully crafted piece of art you put forward isn't really you. It's your shell. Your mask. But not the real you. It represents your core values and all of your life experiences, yes. But you are so much more. Picture the sculpting process. Imagine your point of view as you were carving yourself. Where were you looking, from the eyes of the sculpture, or the eyes of the sculptor? [Pause for breakthrough] That's right, you're the creator! The real you is the one in control of this process from beginning to end, putting all of your love into yourself as art. You control the template. You control the plastering. You control the chipping away. You create the landscape. So own your experiences! These were how you created yoursef.

Thank you, It is done, It is done, It is done.


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