New Beginning


How was our universe created? When was the beginning? What happens in the end? Using our knowledge base of modern science and ancient wisdom, we can answer these questions and more.

And that's why I'm here. I remembered these answers from within the depths of my consciousness, and I can bring this to the forefront of modern science. Communication is the key to getting new ideas across and training people how to open their mind free of limiting beliefs. My books and workshops are designed with that purpose.

This is a new beginning for modern science. This is also a new beginning for my Omniversal Enlightenment platform. New books on the way. New workshops in development. And a brand new web page to host the Omniblog. The new home for the Omniverse is is still active to provide book information, and is even more. That's why this is a new beginning for me.

So the big announcement: this is the 300th Omniblog. The perfect opportunity for a new beginning. I am in deep loving gratitude for all of my beloved followers, and now I am asking everyone to come see the new website for Omniversal Enlightenment.

The Omniversal Enlightenment branding is built up from a platform of transformational teachings using modern scientific techniques like neurolinguistic programming. NLP is used to rewire the brain and get rid of old ways of reacting. Simply, it allows us to learn even better than ever before. My workshops also incorporate Theta Healing, which uses a top-down approach to replace negative subconscious programs with positive ones. And the science behind it all is the science of new beginnings. The science of the Omniverse. The science of consciousness.


Here's a little bonus advanced teaching. The questions I opened with have not yet been answered, leaving an open loop. Would you like to know what the answers are, giving you the empowerment to fully integrate the knowledge within every cell of your existence? Isn't it good to know that you can effortlessly do this?

Here's how the universe was created. It is a singularity--a point particle smaller than can be measured. And due to its instability, it went critical, rapidly inflating as space was created, followed by transmutation of energy into forces, matter, and light. The moment of the Big Bang is when time began. And when it all ends is when expansion causes objects to spread so far away that energy is dispersed across a much larger, colder universe.

That was the old point of view. People used to think that science meant that things were devoid of love, and that "random" events led to our existence. But random is a word used to describe numbers we simply can't comprehend. And there's never been any scientific evidence that love hasn't been guiding things. What if this was bias present due to limiting beliefs? How can we be even more aware of the opportunities we have to understand the information that surrounds us?

Ready for another bonus advance teaching? There are multiple ways to view things. Change your perception, change your universe. Let's explore a couple of ways. The answers I presented above are the old ways, biased by a perception that science must be cold. The point of view I present to you is the awakened view. When we are open to receiving information, it will come to us. Here's the awakened view:

When we see a lotus flower in the water and think of its origins, we look to the unseen portion to track it's roots to the soil underneath. There's more to the lotus than the eye can see. Similarly, there's more too the universe. If the Big Bang is represented by the flower, we must look beneath the surface. This is the Omniverse. The singularity must have overcome its surroundings to blossom. So, the beginning is before the point that we think time started. The point in which the Big Bang occurred it when it reached the surface to blossom. And even though the universe spreads, it spreads along this surface full of the necessary ingredients for life to occur. And the process of life repeats. No known beginning our ending. And here's where it gets good. Everything is one energy that transmutes to attraction. Everything is love. The universe is made of love, and it exists in its entirety within every cell of our existence.

And if that's not enough, here's what all of that means to each and every one of us. This is the true beauty of knowledge--it applies to every walk of life! This means that at any time, you can start anew. This may be the 300th Omniblog, but it's also the very first under You have the power and the built in knowledge to be your own Big Bang! You are the creator of your universe! And yes, I will guide you through this process...

Thank you for reading and for being with me all along, and thank you for being here in this new beginning. You are a beautiful soul!


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