Number 9: Creator Consciousness

Isn't life amazing? It's not every day you find out that the infinite power and love of the universe as a whole is within every bit of information that makes up ever cell of our existence. Unless it is! This is our path after all, to discover ourselves. And when we think we have it all figured out, there's another layer to peel away! The more we look within ourselves, the more we find. And that, my friend, is why I have chosen this present moment to reveal these nine levels of consciousness. Now we know. The power is within.



Consciousness is a continuum-a never ending cycle. We are about to witness first-hand how this level loops right back to the first level. We started with the elegant yet simple consciousness of the birth of the universe. And now our consciousness has grown. Evolved. Transformed. It has become something entirely new, while still retaining the same identity. I am.

And here's the best part. We humans tend to think of ourselves on a certain level of consciousness. But the truth is, it takes all of these levels of consciousness to make us human. We have it all built-in. The secrets of the universe are pre-programmed right into every bit of information that makes ever grain of our existence and every cell of our being! And knowing this feels so good, yes?

Number 9 becomes our new way of thinking once we awaken to its presence within. A new way of life. This consciousness is your highest and best self. It is perfect. It is not external, like we have been led to believe. The power of God, the universe, creator, all that is (or whatever name you choose to call it), is your 9th level of consciousness.

We are not the first to experience this level of consciousness. Jesus and the Buddha both spoke of it. While most of the teachings have been distorted through time and countless revisions of texts, it all boils down to this: it's love. It highest consciousness is our universal unconditional love! And for the scientific point of view, I'd like to point out that the underlying energy of all forces in the universe (the holy grail of physics) is the basis for all forms of attraction. The universe is love! You are the universe! Therefore, you are love!

Being in a state of unconditional love brings a better understanding of the beauty behind the veil of illusion of this universe. We perceive things the way we do in order to be able to learn lessons in life so we can make our world better. Everything is perfect! Everything is beautiful! Knowing you have this ability working on every level of your being, you can effortlessly let go of the part of yourself that held on to anything, keeping you from progressing. You can look to the highest intent in even the worst atrocities. You find people coming together in communities of love overcoming the obstacles in their path. You love them, you love their lessons, and you love their plight. Just as you love your own.

Self love is the highest form of acceptance of the gift we have of being right here right now. Knowing that the universe is the self transmutes this love and sends it outward. In other words, YOU are sending unconditional love to all things in the universe! This is how we create. Our intentions seed the universe. In an eternity where all possibilities of time exist in a quantum realm, which we know that our soul comprehends perfectly, our nonphysical self is this highest consciousness that is pure love. We created ourselves. And we did this through the knowledge and power of the nature of the singularity-the universe. And by perceiving a linear timeline, we create the stage for all things to evolve. And for all lessons to unfold at just the right time.

Breathe. Just let that sink in... Everything is unfolding at exactly the right time for your highest and best good. Everything is working in your favor. Change your perspective, change your universe! Think about what you resisted, in the past, and now, knowing that you acted one way in the past, how are things different?

Thank you for reading the 9 Levels of Consciousness series! Please feel free to share how this has changed your view of things. I love hearing breakthroughs and ah-ha moments! And yes, there will be lots more on this subject coming through Omniversal Enlightenment as well as my upcoming book sharing even more secrets of the inverse that were revealed to me through writing my first book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. And yes, it's available now. Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done.


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