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I promised a sneak peek at my press release and here it is! Thank you so much to everybody for all of your help and support. And this weekend something new came to me: While the Omniverse is one of my first visions to become a groundbreaking scientific proposal, I explained a new vision in my last Omniblog (Dream School 101). This new information bridges how consciousness is interconnected within the universe.

I realized that I can find scientific meaning from universal downloads, and I am now building a platform for workshops to help others do the same, focusing on our natural hierarchy of consciousness. Because sometimes we don’t perceive the angels pulling us up – when they’re lifting us above! In this realm, messages from the universe are directly downloaded. And these downloads can be explained with science! Together this is our higher calling – our vision quest! But for now, Here is the official press release for my first book, and again, thank you!


The Big Bang Theory now has a bigger picture

Proposing a groundbreaking new model of the universe’s creation

LOS ANGELES — What happened before the big bang? Today’s best minds in science agree that the Big Bang Theory is incomplete, but have yet to consider how events before the big bang shape our universe today. In a new controversial book, “Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse,” professional geologist David Bertolacci introduces a recently developed scientific proposal – ushering in a new era of scientific discovery.

Bertolacci’s proposal of the Omniverse emphasizes an in depth model of the universe, leading to new explanations of mysteries like dark energy, the holographic universe, and even universal consciousness. The author holds nothing back as he presents a broader definition of the universe’s meaning, providing readers with an expanded perspective.

“What the Omniverse means to us is huge,” Bertolacci said. “The model is quite simple. Metaphorically speaking, if our entire universe is just the size of a baseball, then picture the stadium, parking lots, and surrounding areas as higher dimensions of the Omniverse.”

With this innovative understanding of the universe and the bigger picture, readers will be guided to a new path of self-discovery. Looking through the lens of modern scientific context, the Omniverse is a model of something greater than the universe – helping to unlock the secrets of the universe and mysteries modern science may not have yet solved.

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“Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse”

By: David Bertolacci

ISBN: 978-1-4525-8421

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author

David Bertolacci is a professional geologist. In 2009, he earned a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. Since then Bertolacci has worked to acquire knowledge about the universe by studying astronomy, physics, materials science and spirituality. He lives in California.

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