Omniversal Consciousness


“What is mind?  No matter.

What is matter?  Nevermind.”

– Homer Simpson

Since the dawn of time, humankind has philosophized to explain our existence.  Different fields of study have spawned different variations of how we came to be.  Nevertheless, we are here.  And now we are answering the ultimate questions about our universe – is there a universal consciousness?

Physician and author Deepak Chopra has no doubt that there is a universal consciousness (  Can it be explained scientifically, though? Yes, it can.  Steven Hawking’s teachings have focused not only on the processes that forged the universe from the Big Bang, but how we understand it.  His books discuss the anthropic principle, or why the universe has the physical properties necessary to accommodate conscious life.  Robert Lanza proposed Biocentrism, which states that life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos — life creates the universe rather than the other way around.

There are scientific observations to support the fact that we create the reality around us rather than us being a creation of our surroundings.  The seemingly backwards realm of quantum physics tells us that the outcome changes at the time of observation.  In essence, by observing our surroundings, we have altered the outcome of the universe around us.  In fact, all possibilities exist, and nothing is as it seems.  Our perception creates the universe we observe.

How is this possible?  It seems to contradict popular teachings.  But we may be conditioned to believe something else, in which case, we need to learn how to remove our bias.  I find it helps to see how the ancients discussed the same questions.  As told by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a man said to Lord Buddha, “Some people say that there is no God. When I listen to their logic, I get convinced. But when I listen to saints, I feel that God exists. Now, I am in confusion. I am not able to understand whether God exists or not. I have not experienced God. Please, you tell me.” Then Lord Buddha said to that person that he was at the right place and he should stay there. He didn’t have any preconceived notions of God in his mind, and they would together find out if God is there or not.

According to Sri Sri, a perturbed mind can never go close to God. No knowledge sprouts up in a perturbed mind. Drop your concepts of God. Sit with your eyes closed and find out who you are. Are you this body? Are you this mind? Are you your thoughts? If you find out that, the purpose is solved.

Let’s take this concept to this universe – drop all assumptions.  Around each of us is our mind – a field of thought we generate that interacts with our surroundings.  Let your awareness grow form where you are sitting right now, then your building, your city, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, and galaxy cluster.  Now, experience the universe as an extension of your mind.  According to laws of physics, the universe is a singularity – there is no separation.  This is why everything fits together, and why we have attractive forces (like gravity).  Things are not really separate.  You belong to the universe and it belongs to you.  This is the divine within you.  Be one with the universe. Smile.

Are you ready for the next step?  Humanity is evolving in terms of consciousness.  Soon, we will come to know that there is more to the picture.  The Omniverse creates the singularity that spawns the Big Bang.  Our entire universe belongs to a bigger structure.  Like an electron field, our universe surrounds a larger nucleus.  And because we co-create our surroundings with our perception, knowledge of the Omniverse is creating increased awareness.  A new age of discovery is upon us.  The Omniverse becomes a vehicle for the evolution of thought, consciousness, and the laws of physics that govern our universe.  Prepare to have your mind blown!

David Bertolacci’s soon to be released Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse – What Happened before the Big Bang is the groundbreaking book proposing the scientific framework of the Omniverse model. Follow at and bookmark for updates and the free white paper.

Peace, love, and knowledge



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