Omniversal Enlightenment

What if you just realized here in this moment that everything you need to know is right at your fingertips, and you no longer needed to seek how to do anything or take any number of steps to get where you already are?  Maybe it's time right now to cast the shackles of limiting beliefs of the past, as they no longer serve you. One of the craziest secrets in spirituality is that everybody seems to want to show you how to do this or that, and the reality is that the energy put into this is the very same energy that's been resisting what you were trying to do. In the past! That's right—it's the attention divider. Seeking to learn how to do something is sending a subconscious message to your body saying 'I can't.' I wouldn't say this is absolutely universal, because it presents where you might find resistance in your life right here and right now by uncovering exactly where your blocks are being experienced.


When it gets down to it, just illuminating this process is one of the core purposes of healing. This is something for all walks of life, that can be used in science and education, or for relationships or careers. Where have you been experiencing blocks or lessons in life (in the past), and how can they serve you right now? Ask this question and unlock your highest potential. Keep asking questions. It's the very foundation of science. Question everything! And mindful questioning will have you affirming the positive, which uproots your blocks and simply lets the energy flow. That's all it's really about. Energy flow. It's what everything is. It's love!

In the human existence, we tend to complicate things. And even this has a purpose that serves us. It's to see how simple the universe really is when we truly see it for all it is within ourselves. And there's beauty to be experienced in the complex lessons of life. Think of the long chain hydrocarbons diffusing in air from a flower, perceived as a wonderful aroma through our perceptive powers. Sense beyond the surface into the depths of the soul and the heart of what's really going on. Experience it for yourself and love the process.

This is the process of becoming enlightened. Rather than the mental picture conjured in the past of monks meditating on mountaintops, what if you could completely recreate this in your image, doing exactly what it is that you're already doing? Because it's not even about doing anything. You can say 'I am' to manifest anything your heart desires, but check this out: It's not about you. It's not about what you can do or how to do it. It's not about being anything. It's just realizing the ultrasimplicity of love that will open the door to unlimited 'ah-ha'moments. And I can't tell you how to get there. The journey is perfectly yours! (And I do love that you are reading this right now as part of your beautiful journey.)


Picture yourself as you are, in your body. Know that every little piece of you is an extension of the universe as a whole. And notice how effortlessly you start seeing this as you look deep into the space between your cells... your proteins... your atoms... every little quark made of beautifully vibrating energy. Let your consciousness become increasingly aware of all the layers of activities happening in the physical universe that are allowing you to be you right here and now. Doesn't it feel good just acknowledging these processes? Now you are the flower spreading your wondrous aroma throughout the realm of consciousness. Allow your experience now to perceive this aroma from a higher consciousness. Simple, isn't it? Notice how sweet the smell is right now in this brand new moment.

The higher the conscious vibration of awareness is, the simpler the perception is. But oh, how we love to complicate things! Unless we don't. What if you just love everything about yourself, even the stuff that in the past you may have thought was bad. Same with your experiences in the past. Those were your lessons only. Notice how easy it is to release the old stories about it, and the almighty 'I am' that kept you attached. Simple, yes? Easier said than done? Nope. That's a limiting belief you just let go of because it really is that easy. And you never really said that in the first place—you were just repeating something someone else said, right? Now how has that been showing up in the past?

When you experience for yourself, you will see how clearly you think for yourself. How many limiting beliefs from others' words have you allowed to affect you in the past? The simple truth is by loving everyone and everything, you are raising your conscious vibration. Your life no longer needs drama. You no longer need to seek anything from others or even yourself. You see the wholeness and completeness of all things right here and now within every grain of yourself. And it feels good knowing this, yes? 

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


Smile. Love the universe in you.


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