One Soul Secret that Changes Everything

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What If I told you that only you see yourself the way you do? Perception is different for everyone! And learning why we perceive what we do is to gaze through the window into the soul. And you can easily do this technique every time you look at yourself in the mirror!

In a previous post, The Quantum Mirror, I described how light reflects from a surface with a quantum dance of electrons absorbing and releasing photons, creating a near perfect image. But how you see yourself is completely different! The common misconception about vision is that an image is projected through the eyes to the retina, and a virtual image follows the same light path to reveal an upside-down image inside the brain. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! When photons hit the retina, they are converted into information that can be transmitted via nerve cells. The information is nothing like you think! In order for our brain to recognize the information, it must be matched to known shapes, textures, colors, etc. The information is split up to go to several regions of the brain for subconscious processing that creates the image you see.

But this is where it gets really good! For each image, the brain must go through ALL possible matches. Sound familiar? This is quantum physics – the realm of infinite possibilities! Your brain is a quantum computer designed to surf through the quantum possibilities of the multiverse to match an image in the here and now. Your perception literally creates your reality, because in a quantum system all possibilities exist and at the time of observation, the most likely combination of all of these possibilities is what is shown to the observer. This is how the universe works. This is how you work! So, what you see when you look in the mirror is completely unique and different from what others see, but due to the nature of the quantum computing brain, we recognize each other by the features we catalog subconsciously. The take-away – you are a completely unique vision of the universe.

And there’s more to this realization. You are not you. You appear physical to your own perceptive abilities, but this is only a function of your own subatomic particles. Certain particles are made to “bounce” off of each other without ever touching, thus giving the illusion of solid, liquid, and even gas. You are the vision – not the physical. And while the vision is created by the physical brain, what happens next will surprise you! It becomes thought – once again, non-physical. Thought is a function of the mind – the pure, non-physical field that is still completely unique to you. And when this thought grows, so do you. THIS is the evolution of your soul! Realizing this is only the first step in your journey – your path to divine success. So tell me, who are you? What do you really see in the mirror?

Want more? I will take you on a journey beyond the mind to the very center of the universe. The next step of human evolution is a conscious enlightenment! And it is starting here and now! My new book uncovers the universe much like how I just uncovered who you really are. Simply put, it is going to change EVERYTHING! You can enlighten yourself at and follow Thanks for reading and sharing!



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