Painting Butterflies on the Canvas of Reality


Our thoughts create our reality. We program our own subconscious mind throughout life, coloring it with our perceptions. What we believe becomes what we observe. This is true of us, as it is also true of the universe. As I wrote in A Beautiful Imbalance, nature prefers matter over antimatter in our universe. Simply, the conditions for life to exist and evolve are preferred.

Why is matter preferred? Is it our own observation affecting the outcome? After all, this is one of the primary principles of quantum physics – the observer effect. But the even though question of matter and antimatter’s beautiful imbalance suggests that there is an abundance of everything we need to live, the answer is one of the most sought in particle physics. This is a true merging of science and spirituality! Soon, answers will emerge from the questions we ask.

One potential answer to this hierarchy problem of physics is known as supersymmetry. This theory states that every known particle has a superpartner. Yea, that’s so fuckin cool right? Superpartners! And in 2015, this is the year of the second coming! The second coming of the Large Hadron Collider, that is. The LHC is the world’s largest and most powerful supercollider. It is where the experiments proved the existence of the Higgs Boson, which is part of the mechanism by which particles gain mass. Mass gives the ability to attract via gravitational force, which must happen for matter to form. That’s how important that discovery was! But this year, the LHC is coming back online after 2 years of upgrading. It will now have twice the power! And its new experiments are going to focus on the matter/antimatter debate (also see

The secrets of the universe will be unveiled. But there are other ways that we can seek answers. We can go within. We are the universe after all. All of the answers are already there. We need to be open to receiving the answers. We can create space for pure thoughtstream to enter. We must be at a state of awareness that everything is working together for your highest and best good. Simply, we must be present. We are the universe learning about itself. As I wrote in my book, it might be possible that all of our perceptions are part of a cycling process. We give love and gain information. As the universe cycles its underlying energy throughout all of existence, we are in a constant process of cycling this energy. We call this love. We are basically vessels for the cycling of energy. The energy is constantly building and rebuilding every single subatomic component of us. Every atom. Every molecule. Every cell. And when we step back and observe ourselves, we become the creator of our experience. We see how our perceptions program our subconscious. We become open, and we live in divine enthusiasm!

When you are open, you are not only a vessel for the universal underlying energy of love to flow through you, but you are your higher consciousness at work. You are teaching yourself how to live. How to create. Pay attention to your dreams. This is a popular medium for accessing the higher self, because your conscious state, or ego, is asleep. Your body repairs itself and the subconscious reviews and stores its programming. Meanwhile, your mind dreams… It is an open experience. It can be memories of experiences, or it can be controlled. Dream control is a powerful process akin to creating reality on a deep profound superconscious level. And when you are open, your superconsciousness is ready to show you how! In Dream School 101, I wrote about how advanced creative concepts can be taught while we sleep. Let’s go deeper in the process…

In your consciousness, there is a hall of records. There is a school of higher learning. You have access to this school – there are no entrance requirements other than being ready. I found myself in a dream the other night with a few other individuals entering some basic training. We were outside among the trees, and a large building was nearby. I asked what the building was for, and received the answer, “that’s where the students are learning the next levels of reality.” I asked if the building itself was merely a construct of my own ego holding onto the perception that I am not ready or somehow separate. I was correct. While we received instruction, I connected to the wisdom of the entire experience, including what was inside the building, and the walls dissolved. We simply went out into the wooded landscape and started coloring it. As we received instruction, we practiced creating. We literally painted the canvas of reality with our thoughts. A simple wave of my hand with loving intention created hundreds of beautifully colored butterflies, like a paintbrush contacting a canvas with vibrant colors.

Life happens when we are open to the process. We can identify when the ego repeats itself, when we experience the same thing over and over again. When our thoughts are in the first person, or repeating events of the past. We can move beyond this thought paradigm and step into our true thought. That which is love. This is how we create our experience. This is how we evolve!

Thank you for reading! Spread the pure underlying universal love by sharing the infinite knowledge. Be open to receiving love!


Change your perspective, change your reality.

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