Parallel Universes, Dyson Spheres, and Alien Life

The universe is infinite shades of love. While it's comprised less than 5% of matter (yes, you actually CAN trust atoms most of the time), we're actually right in the perfect spot in this physical realm. And there's a lot more to the universe that we don't know. But what we do know and what we learn every single day is amazing!



This is the sweet spot.

Our solar system has it's Goldilocks zone—the sweet spot that's perfect for life. As we keep searching other systems, we keep finding planets in even more habitable zones. Earth-like planets are being discovered, some even just like ours. If you think about it, our existence on this planet is short, even though the universe has gone through at least three generations of making planetary star systems. In 400,000 years, modern humans have populated this planet. And life on the planet has recently been found to be over 4 billion years!

We are a blink of an eye with a bright sparkle. 4 billion years of evolution and no idea where the other planets are in terms of theirs. But we do know that there's life's building blocks everywhere. Things naturally attract, creating molecules that keep combining to form biological building blocks. Soon cells can be born in just about anywhere that water is present. Which is pretty much everywhere these days. Add geological processes and planets and moons now have energy sources. And yes, we keep finding that planets previously believed to be dead are alive and thriving with geological processes. Even Pluto! And to make this all even better, let's throw in some molecular oxygen into a comet that we already know is full of water and precious biomolecules. Yea, the Rosetta just found oxygen. These things are literally seeds of life spreading throughout the universe's solar systems.


This is the perfect time.

Our position on the timeline we perceive is in the perfect place for our advancement both evolutionary and energetically. Our vibration is rising as we awaken to even greater levels of consciousness found within. We have theorized multiple dimensions, parallel universes, and even observed strange structures around a star that just can't be explained by modern science in the past up until no. And knowing that this is a brand new moment as we strive forward and bring the future into the now, we advance even further. This is the perfect time to be alive!

As we discover even more in this present moment, we find the gifts and lessons uncovered for our personal growth. As we learn about quantum physics, a popular subject among successful manifestors, we learn more about ourselves. As we learn more about the universe, we learn more about ourselves. Many have explored the power of the observer effect, knowing that it is simply an observation that changes the outcome. But there's even more. As we further explore this quantum realm, we find that the universe is chock full of infinite possibilities. In fact, the infinite possibilities mean a lot more to us than previously thought. No wonder Einstein thought quantum physics was crazy. Infinite possibilities means that all possibilities of time and space exist. Time isn't really a timeline—we just were programmed to perceive it that way through 4 billion years of evolution! And infinite possibilities also means unlimited parallel universes...

Parallels aren't separate at all. actually, everything's connected. That's the magic of entanglement, scientifically verified again and again! Parallel universes are just the different possibilities of ours. And we can navigate through them. We do every day without even knowing! Every choice we make opens up a vast ocean of infinite possibilities, and our choices align us with a current—lining us up with the most likely scenario based on what we are attracting in the present moment. And knowing that this is a brand new moment, what do we want to be attracting right now? Yes, That's all it takes to be present. Just be conscious of decisions, and keep asking questions that empower and presuppose the outcome we are manifesting. That's how we evolve! And the more we evolve, the more we learn to control and even create universes of infinite possibilities, allowing even more expansion of our perception. How we see our surroundings affects what happens. The more beauty we allow ourselves to perceive, the more we actually manifest!

This is the real beauty.

Knowing that we're in the perfect place aligned with the physical universe, right in the sweet spot for life, and that we can surf through the infinite possibilities to create our own lives, how can we go even further into this process of perceiving the pure beauty of the universe? The best part is that you already know the answer. Every one of your cells do. Every bit of information in you is all aligned for the specific purpose of being you. Simply be present. Breathe it in! Enjoy life with love and gratitude

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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