Part the Waters

What if we could heal blocks that had served us in the past up until now, clearing the way for further growth and expansion? What if our perception was the only thing in our own way this whole time? Wouldn’t it feel good remembering that everything we need is already within us right here and right now? And the nest part is that we already know. We have been experiencing this for many lifetimes as we learn our karma and hone down our lessons. Yet in this lifetime so many times, I found myself fighting. Charging forward to tear down my walls of mental construct that allowed me to perceive my own limited view. In the past.

There’s a little trick that most of us don’t know yet. Unless we do. First, notice how easily we can remember that we all have our own individual way of perceiving our surroundings, just as unique as our identity. No one else is like me or you. Perception is a tricky thing. We see things as we believe. As we come into this world and live our lives, we program ourselves by means of environment and interactions with others. Everything is a form of programming or conditioning. We’re basically hypnotizing ourselves to fit the mold of what we expect to be! Subconsciously, what this does is create subroutines of programming (just like computer code) that delete, distort, or generalize the surroundings into something we can understand. If left unchecked, like most of us prior to awakening, this process forms blocks. Blocks form walls.


Envision a well-respected mason. A master of his or her craft. Each piece—each individual brick—is carefully put in place and made to be perfectly level. Each is spaced just the same. With careful placement and scrutinized detail, the walls of a magnificent structure are built in this way, one brick at a time. Piece by piece. Until the structure is complete. As children we encounter obstacles in life and start building our walls piece by piece in the same fashion. Through years of whatever we are exposed to in our environment, which was perfect for our growth at the time, we slowly build perfect walls and structures for our mental construct. And we sit inside, protected by the walls around us and peer through the windows to the outside world. Until we wake up.

When I started to awaken, I saw the effect of the programming, and my very first reaction was to destroy the wall. Tear it down! I had to be open and free! I saw how I held myself back from loving in the past, and I wanted no more of that! I set forth to take down my own barriers with the mighty force of a battering ram. And I broke through! But guess what happened next?

The subconscious mind is really a mind of its own. It has purpose and action. After all of these years of building a wall, only to have it crumble to pieces with the work I did, the subconscious mind started building it back up again. It was the only thing it knew how to do. It was following the blueprints! I experienced looping throughout my life. I was experiencing similar lessons through different people. And then I realized that this process of rebuilding was happening. So what did I do in that moment, knowing that tearing down my walls would result in the reconstruction? I got crafty!

This is one of the best kept secrets right here and now: Knowing that the mind rebuilds its own blocks in place for us to learn our lessons, notice how we can simply reverse the process in a more constructive manner. This is craftwork. Piece by piece, just as the constructs were build, we take them apart. One block at a time. And although this process is slower, the piece by piece fashion of deconstruction actually rewrites the blueprints. Layer by layer. Brick by brick. Until the negative programming is gone and we can begin constructing something even better with positive programming.

Positive programming is more adaptable, allowing even more perception of our surroundings. And it achieves this by being more fluid. Positivity is the flow of water in a river, effortlessly wearing away at the rocks. It is stronger than rocks. It is an endless abundant flow of energy that permeates every cell of our existence. And it feels good knowing this, doesn’t it? And in this new light, finding ourselves now floating on the surface of an ocean filled with knowledge, notice how there are no longer any blocks. The negative programming has been replaced with pure universal love.

And when we need to clear a path to move forward to a goal with a sound state of mind, what should we do at this very moment? We clear a path. Like the story of Moses parting the Red Sea, what if this was just an analogy used to describe the positive effects of clearing a path for continued forward momentum? Perhaps the followers were not able because they were not of sound mind. But now that you know this little secret, it feels good to know that we can all be of sound mind, right? Clearing a path creates no division. It is simply creating a channel with which our forward progress just happens effortlessly.


We have the best tech in the universe. Our brains are made in such a way that they mimic the universe’s structure and channel its consciousness. Between the conscious mind and the subconscious, these patterns are natural. The subconscious just does as it is instructed. It is up to us to decide whether to build walls or part the seas. That is the true beauty of this experience. And remember, there is no failure—only feedback. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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