In ancient teachings there are five main elements. Each embodies unique characteristics while the whole experiences all. Within each of us we can find fire, water, earth, air, and ether. And as we expand our awareness, we see the same in our planet, as well as other planets throughout the observable universe. This is life – the embodiment of all that is. If I could show you how to take life to the next level, incorporating even more into your heart, would you be interested? Is every part of you 100% free of objection?


All things are aspects of love. In modern physics, it is hypothesized that there is a single underlying energy from which all forces and subatomic particles are derived. Vibrations of this energy create strings and membranes, which we use to describe the building blocks of quarks, other particles, and fields of all known forces. This underlying energy is a ubiquitous presence. It is everywhere. Like a mother’s love, this presence always provides for our highest and best good. Our connection to this presence is always there.

In a system of infinite possibilities of parallel fluctuations of this universe, this love provides us with the most hospitable universe for creating sentient life. This is known as the anthropic principle. Simply, the conditions we observe are ripe for harboring life as we know it. The more we learn about our universe, the more our views change. Knowing that this universe is so well suited for the very conditions in which we thrive is a magnificent power! And it is in our power to give back. To give love. To serve life. We amplify this underlying energy with our very intentions. This is our passion – the sixth element.

Passion allows us to see the best in our purpose, our work, and the beauty in our surroundings. Passion is our intentions with a focused goal in alignment with that of the universe – for our highest and best good. With passion, everything we do in life is ignited in a blaze of love and compassion! From this feeling, we can experience new viewpoints allowing us to find even more passion. Then we give that much more love!

Imagine viewing life as a whole from an angel’s eyes. Timeless. Painless. What we experience in our lives are lessons – not pain. Suffering only comes from not learning our lessons. Passion results from transcending our lessons. Passion increases our awareness, magnifies the love we give, and becomes the medium we use to create our next level of evolution. Simply, passion ignites our senses and our gifts.

It’s not about loving more. It’s not about finding love. Even within yourself. Love always has been, and always will be there. It is passion that allows us to observe our unique experience as the whole embodiment of connectedness with the universe, the source, and consciousness. In this sense, from the eyes of Omniversal consciousness, we are the universe experiencing itself.

Can you feel it? Let it out! This is what we’re made to do! Passion facilitates us feeling more of the ever-present love. So enjoy the fullest and give for the highest and best purpose for the unfoldment of the soul. Passion is what drives us!

Now go out into this world to spread love with passion! Experience everything as if it were the first time. The best time! Discover everything! Each experience is unique, but the whole shares the same experience. The shackles of unknowing are broken. Within this chaos we create by casting our bondage, there is life!

My passion in this life is found in raising others’ vibrations, enlightening our minds, and lifting our spirits. What’s your passion? Thanks for sharing with me!


Peace, love, and knowledge.

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  1. Fantastic thoughts! I particularly love your positive comments about a mother’s love!!! So true. Always hoping for the best in you, through you, for you, and about you.

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