We still have many blessings/lessons to go from the Omniverse studies, but I need to take a moment for myself. This is to remind me, and others, that I am human. I do not try to be anything else, and while I keep meeting so many wonderful new friends and finding awesome online followers, it is my sincerest hope that I am viewed as a person. It is important for me to be true to myself. And the knowledge that I share is from the divine. It is within all of our human nature to channel such information. My practice includes clearing my mind of blocks to let emotions and energy flow freely.

And that’s why I need a pause. Because being human sometimes means hurting. It is an important part of our life, but right now my heart is broken. This is very difficult to put into words (especially with the touch screen failing to work), but I need to work through something. I have been working to release blocks, let emotions flow, to find the love within myself, but sometimes you just gotta let go. I hope this helps me let go.

I was married to the woman I absolutely knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I love her with all of my heart. But my love meant giving her space to start our spiritual business that I would be ousted from. Our psychic friend took over. And while my wife and I had problems that we worked through, I feel that he took advantage of the situation, telling her she had to leave me. I confided in him too, but he put himself in the position where he could come out ahead if our marriage failed. And it did because she kept going to him when I needed her with me. We separated and I thought she wanted to try to fix it, but all I could see was those two together all the time. It really hurt and I felt betrayed.

As a result, I asked for divorce/separation earlier this year. And my worst fears at the time have now come to reality. Their intentions together were more than just business related. And this is what I feared. But in this process, I saw myself falling apart and was able to find lessons. The first lesson was responsibility. Any person giving reading to another must realize that even what you believe is channeled must go through your brain, which acts as a perception filter. YOUR PERCEPTION CLOUDS YOUR MESSAGES. Thus, your intentions will come through. This is just part of what it means to be human. We just need to recognize it.

After doing all the work for myself to release fears, regrets, resentment, and to forgive both of them and myself, I still hurt. I saw a picture of them together today and felt a surge of emotions within myself. I know that I am loving, and I cleared my old feelings, so why do these keep coming up? I know life isn’t fair, but I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want this to be over. Maybe I can finish writing my books and be happy with myself, but my spiritual family is waiting for something still. I need to be loved the way I loved her.

And even though I am single, I know in my heart one more very important lesson for us all. This is BIG. Beware those, even among the spiritual, who prey on people’s feelings and vulnerability. Some tear you apart from loved ones (although many are stuck with people who refuse to get it), while some take advantage of others looking for love. Never trust anyone who says they can help you find your soul mate or twin flame. These people are doing this for money. The fact is, on a spiritual level, your soul mates and twin flame are meant to cross your path. YOUR SOUL MATES AND TWIN FLAME ARE MEANT TO CROSS YOUR PATH! Have faith in divine timing.

So once again, I honor the lessons, release regrets and resentment, and offer forgiveness. It is important to acknowledge these feelings when they come up because it is the soul’s way of circulating energy. It ain’t easy, and it will keep repeating. But the important thing with grief is you have to face it eventually, when you are ready to. I am NOT always strong – sometimes I must dissolve and surrender to the universal flow. When I do, I feel the love in me grow!


Thank you for all my readers, friends, and supporters. Thank you for all my guides, guardian angels, and archangels. My newest one assigned to me this year (in my timeline that is) is Uriel, and let me tell you, she has one Hell of a job with me! But I accept my humanity and my feelings. I hurt and I release it for healing. Most importantly, I love.


Dear universe, I’m ready!

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