Today I’m sharing one of the advanced topics from the Omniverse to our world. Who out there is interested in learning something new and even more empowering in such a way that it helps all of us live up to our greatest potential for the highest and best purpose of our existence? Yes, it’s that big! And brand new!

I was reading articles on the super new moon spring equinox solar eclipse happening today, and this just dawned on me. It’s not just that our universe is a holographic projection from the Big Bang singularity, meaning that our reality is an illusion. As Einstein put it, this illusion is a very persistent one! There’s a meaning to this projection, and it’s even bigger than I knew before. And this has to do with humanity’s role (and other sentient life) in our projection. This goes well beyond self discovery into self-actualization!


Image: solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 taken from Svalbard, Norway. Photo by Olav Jon Nesvold/EPA

To explain, let me go over another advanced topic. Are you ready to fully and wholeheartedly explore your highest potential today? Are you completely free of objection? Awesome! Let’s look at the topic of levels of existence from an awakened point of view in contrast with the enlightened point of view. When we are awakened, we see multiple levels of reality – crystals, nature, biological life forms, spirit, angels and archangels, laws of physics, the realm of pure data (Akashic Records) and finally, supreme being. Yea, that’s a lot! What we get from this point of view is that in terms of frequency, we see a higher vibration add we move up the scale, meaning that we’re down there a few steps off the bottom.

What if I told you something new that would completely empower you by integrating all of those aspects into one? None of those are separate! Each layer describes our consciousness. Each part is something already within us. So in the enlightened point of view, we’re not lower on the scale of vibration. In fact, it takes ALL of those categories to make us human! Think about it! Every single bit of that entire frequency spectrum is necessary to make one single human being. One human being awesome!

So, with the illumination provided by the enlightened point of view encompassing all that is within the human being, the body becomes more than a simple vessel. More than perception. More than thought. Let’s think in terms of energy flow. Love, the most beautiful, purest form of universal underlying energy, flows in us, through us, and out of us. It can only be restricted from blocks we create. In the process of enlightenment, these blocks are carefully removed (hint – WORKSHOP!). What this leaves is almost nothing. But energy.

Envision a torus shape with your third eye (an energetic donut shape). Now, see yourself in third person. Make yourself smaller as you see your body in the center of the torus. All of the energy is allowed to freely move through you in all directions with ease. Now envision your energetic centers. Are they aligned? Allow them to calibrate, maximizing energy flow. You are all vibrations of this energy. Pure flow. And what is the meaning of this? You are a portal for all frequencies of pure beautiful love! Now, with a smile and a big deep breath, step into this portal. You are becoming the fullest expression of yourself!

As a portal, the human form is like a funnel of energy. Existing on all frequencies, we combine this energy and transmute energetic frequencies. We are a portal. And what this means is even more profound! Any time we want, we can do the exercise we just did! The universe is not static, and destiny is not predetermined. It is malleable and fully reprogrammable. In its infinite potential is unlimited possibilities of how the universe expresses itself. That means that nearly infinite parallel universes arise from natural consequences of one singularity – and they’re connected!

As a portal, WE bridge the parallel possibilities of infinity. When you are ready to make change, put the change inside the portal. Envision your manifestation. Make it bigger, brighter, more vivid, colorful, and infinitely beautiful! Step into it, and you are now a master of creating the infinite possibilities of life! For every possible outcome to be manifested, there is a parallel universe in which that outcome is a reality. As a portal, we can align ourselves with that universe, making it the reality that we exist in right here, right now.

As a portal, we are the lens from which the universe is projected! We control what we see through or own lens. We allow our reality to be our experiences, our lessons, and an expression of our pure infinite love! The beauty of creation is what we truly are in the very essence of our being – our becoming! Thanks for reading and sharing the love! You are infinitely beautiful!


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