Primordial Soup for the Soul

It was a love story from the very beginning. Who world have thought that two seemingly unlikely things like the Vortex and the 11-D Brain would come together and astonish the entire universe? And maybe they’re not so different after all… Here’s the love story of how this infinite romance came to be.

It all started when the universe decided to expand. She went from a singularity, inflating herself with space at speeds faster than light, to a ripe young universe giving birth to life. As she grew and evolved, she created the building blocks for everything simply by loving herself. All of the energies within her began to attract like energy. Quarks were born, attracting gluons to create subatomic particles. Love was in the air. Well, gas at least.

Space creates the canvas upon which this primordial soup of quarks and gluons paint the true beauty of reality. As you witness, your mind becomes the creator of every beautiful scene in your story.

You are the artist.

The soup is the paint you create with to shape your beauty, carved by everything that makes you so unique and special. And this soup has magickal properties! It can transmute and transform into limitless possibilities. Simply by directing energy. Space is the conductor of energy, and the soup is the transformation.

It’s not only matter that forms from the soup. Any stir and the soup comes alive with vortexes. They are just spinning energy. And they spin faster than the fastest tornado. Even several orders of magnitude more than Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot! So what does this mean?

A vortex gives life direction.

It’s like gravity creating a vortex in space-time, allowing objects to attract. That’s love, baby! And there’s more dimensions than just space and time. Each vortex is a portal to higher dimensions.

The vortex is a natural consequence of the laws of physics, just like gravity. The vortex is formed by curvature of the higher dimensions. We might think dimensions are straight, but even ours are curved. If not, the Earth probably would be flat. Good thing is not!

Notice how easily you can visualize a subatomic vortex in the primordial soup as you paint reality upon the canvas of space. Go deep within yourself and you’ll find them everywhere. You can make then spin faster and faster, getting rid of any heavy or unwanted energy you’ve carried. Allow then to spin so fast that all barriers to love in your life are instantly transcended! Follow the way into the vortex, seeing how is intimately connected to even more dimensions curled up inside.

Every new dimension is a dimension of you.

Your brain processes and stores information from the infinite possibilities of the universe, filtering or what’s necessary for you to understand. That’s why everyone’s reality is unique. And while this happens automatically and you don’t have to think about it, you are storing information in 11-dimensional structures in your brain. You, dear ones, are a microcosm of the 11-D universe. And everything else is a macrocosm–as above, so below.

Knowing that you are one with the universe, you can transform yourself right now.

Go back into the vortex within and see it spinning faster and faster. And tell me, what is it you want in life? Imagine pouring that into the vortex, impregnating the infinite possibilities with your desire coming into full fruition. Pour everything your heart desires! Empty yourself into the vortex as all of your higher dimensions align perfectly to your desires. See yourself floating in, spinning even faster and faster now. And then notice how the entire world around you is now aligned with this energy. This is the power of creating with the paints that only you can use to customize your experience here for good!

Everything you transform becomes just as much a part of you as your surroundings. You store your information in 11 dimensions, using this as a template to further create your reality and custom-tailor it to your liking. The universe really is in your favor. Because you created it that way. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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