Life gives us amazing opportunities to grow. How can we master our perceptive abilities to recognize and capitalize on these abundant opportunities? Just like how our cell phones have apps, our minds have ‘opps.’ Information comes to us in the form of downloads that enter our thoughtstream. These become new ideas as the brain process the information and creates new neural pathways.


Information is essentially an infinite source in an energetic field in, around, and throughout our physical bodies. What we pull from that field becomes deleted, distorted, and/or generalized in an effort to understand and store information in our brains. Over time these change. For example, Darwin’s groundbreaking hypothesis for evolution put forward the idea of survival of the fittest. For over a hundred years, this idea dominated the burgeoning theory of evolution. But was it correct, or was it a reflection of limiting beliefs of society at the time? As it turns out, this presumption is being overturned by new research showing how species that collaborate are the ones that survive over time. This is community.

Community is an important function of evolution. Envision proteins coming together from simple molecules, and forming the building blocks for life. As they attract lipids, living cells are made. That’s just the beginning (of biological life as we know it)! Cells attract other cells forming communities. These communities evolve into multicellular beings. These beings evolve into communities. And right now in this very moment, our community is evolving. Our community is humanity. We are ALL indigenous people of Earth!

What does our evolution mean to today’s collective beliefs? What comes next may shock you…

All of the violence we are experiencing has a higher intent and serves a purpose. I thought to myself today, that amidst all of the chaos, in my own mind I am pro-peace. Then I asked ‘how so?’ The answer I got surprised me: If we lay down or arms right now, what lessons would we have learned, and more importantly, what lessons would we not have had the chance to learn? What lessons would then have to be repeated if we did not give ourselves the chance to learn from them?

This didn’t make sense at first. But the opportunity came to me to resolve this dilemma. If we continue on our previous path, it allows our global community’s lessons to unfold in the perfect amount of time for each of us to grow. This is a community lesson that first pops within each individual member of the global community. So, when I see the war and famine in the world, or the senseless mass killings close to home in America, I practice a new point of view. As horrific as these things are, each represents a core value that is incongruent. Then the lesson becomes more clear. Separation.

Our minds have been ingrained with morals of separation going way back in our evolutionary tree. First, we’re territorial like most other mammals. But we take the concept further, installing boundaries within our own psyche. It’s not just land we fight over. As populations grew and divided, different morals were born. Now religious sects fight amongst each other. Even those not fighting have the values of separation taught on a daily basis. We do this to ourselves, my beautiful souls!

Recognizing the problem is step 1. Fighting the problem is not an option. Think about where your energy is going! This is why Mother Teresa wouldn’t attend an anti-war protest. We know separation is a problem because it is incongruent with our core values of loving one another. For example, killing is forbidden in all religions. But it happens! Step 2 is to find the highest intent. Honor. Survival. Love for the values of a population. Coming together. Step 3 is to find and install a congruent value that is more powerful that the perceived separation behind the incongruency and aligned with the highest intent.

This means that in order for our lessons to unfold as we evolve into a peaceful global community right now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, we are already starting to think for the highest and best good of all. We think like a community, just like all of the cells in our body do. Think about this: If our cells aren’t congruent in the value that is the community as a whole living being, we get cancer. Conversely, when all components work together, we get healthy! And that’s what the world is waking up to right now. As each individual awakens, they are able to see beyond the mentality that they are only looking out for themselves, their family, or their country. Separation is being replaced with love of community.

So rather than just being pro-peace, I am pro-evolution and pro-lesson. I am for our lessons unfolding because the end result is far more beautiful. Think about lessons unfolding… When we ask for the easy path, we get them quick and hard hitting. When we ask for the lessons to be softer, they come more slowly, but they are more complex, multifaceted, and beautiful. I shall demonstrate.

Think of a rose. It a rose just a rose? What comes to mind? We all have a different picture. Different colors may come to mind. We may also see a budding flower, or even the thorny vines. We may envision the seed, surrounded by nutrients under the surface. The rose is all of these and more… Look to the big picture of the lesson. The rose is a process from seed to flower, repeating itself, yes? It is also a process of releasing complex chains of molecules for us to perceive its wonderful scent. It is also a process of becoming, from the smallest subatomic scale through the power of star formation, assembling the atoms used for the building blocks of life! For the rose to grow, its seed had to be buried in the dirt. And much like our consciousness, it grows from this state. So where our lessons may seem to be buried in today’s turbulent world, we all know that this means that something beautiful is growing within us as our lessons unfold perfectly and come into the light. Love and honor the process as much as you love every cell of your very being! We are becoming… Because after all, survival of the fittest isn’t really evolving, isn’t it?

Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done.


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