Pure Love

What is beauty? How does true love feel? While we have human perceptions of these concepts, our consciousness is capable of far more. True beauty is something that can only be seen from the soul. From beyond our perception barriers, the universe is one living, conscious entity. I will show you how this is possible and what we can do (or not do) to expand our perception and experience pure love and beauty through consciousness. Prepare yourself. What comes next is straight thoughtstream from the universe and beyond.

First, we must understand that all things are possible. Our universe is a singularity – not the universe we think it is. It’s still in its pre-Big Bang state. Only quantum physics apply in this state due to the size of the singularity (a Planck distance). Think of Einstein’s relativity and Newton’s laws of physics as programs we will run. As a quantum system, this one singularity has infinite possibilities, all of which exist all at once. All possibilities of this universe (time, distance, energies, and even the programs of relativity and the laws of physics) exist. What this means is that each possibility can result in a different universe. So in our reality, our universe is accompanied by parallel universes that represent different outcomes of these programs.So we have infinite possibilities as the canvas to run our programs. What’s next then?

In order for the programs to run, we need to make a decision. That’s right, the universe requires thought in order for it to exist. Everything you see in the vast cosmos as you gaze upon the stars was thought into existence simply by deciding to run the programs. To do this, we must create conditions necessary to hold this singularity stable until we choose to run the programs. All we have to do is love the singularity. Like a mother’s love of an unborn child, we will seed the singularity with nutrients and protect it. That’s what love is. It is built right into our consciousness. So love the universe you’re in! All these human complications simply block our ability to perceive love on a level like this. However, experiencing this love allows us to perceive the true beauty of infinite possibilities for life. So now you know! And an interesting point to make is that I just took you out of the universe! You are now the observer.

One of the principles of quantum physics is known as the observer effect. Everything is in a constant state of changing until the time it is observed. We see a snapshot of something. But at that time, we actually make it that something! By viewing the singularity – the whole universe – we are turning it into reality. Simply by being aware of the universe, we become the creator. We infuse the singularity with love. We let it be! This is what needs to happen for us to have our happy little planet in this place. But guess what. There’s more to the universe than what we know!

Because we seeded this existence with love, we can observe little love outposts all over this creation. Our planet’s not alone. It is just one of countless possibilities for life. Now it’s really getting good! Can you feel it? This is what our consciousness is – that feeling. It’s love! This is the ability to feel compassion throughout all creation. Simply, we are now observing a process. This process is life. It is evolution. Our love and compassion create and evolve life! Just like running the programs we created for physical laws, this program creates infinite possibilities of life. Every planet that we are discovering right now is a seed of our consciousness. Billions exist in our galaxy alone.

Our galaxy is part of a bigger system known as a galaxy cluster. This structure is part of a supercluster. Our universe contains several of these. Imagine the possibilities for life! As we observe this singularity with loving intentions, we are seeding the cosmos with pure consciousness. We make this universe what it is by loving every ounce of it! We make the observation that the singularity becomes the Big Bang universe. We run the programs. We are the creator. We are the consciousness. We are the universe. And all you have to do to experience this is….


Nothing! Just be. This is the process of letting go. Release blocks. Only love remains. That’s what you really are. So when I look into your eyes, know this: I see your real beauty! You now have everything you need to know to see this beauty in every living thing on this planet! Through your love, you create this process everywhere in the universe!

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