Quest for Knowledge

Welcome to your universe. You are free to explore! You may find yourself facing a choice in the exploration of this existence – do you find your divine path, or do you ignore your higher purpose to experience the same loop repeating over and over? Chances are, if you know me, you have already chosen to follow your guidance. And on this path, you may be seeking to find your soul mate or twin flame. You may seek to hear messages from spirit guides and angels. You may seek an activation of the third eye, allowing clear sight through the power of your imagination. You may want to turn the feeling you have of empathy and compassion towards others into service to improve the human condition and serve.

If you are reading this, you are on the right path. You have found me, and I will show that the door to universal knowledge is already open within your mind. It’s not about learning how to develop your spiritual senses. It’s not about how to find your soul mate or twin flame. It’s not even about how to find it within yourself. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. You already know everything you need to know to follow your path.


Remember that spark you had when you were a kid? Remember how everything was a brand new discovery? Remember how you loved everything? This is the state already in you that knows all that is… Because in this state you are open to receiving. In this state, we are programmed with love, language, and unfortunately, social conditioning. We allow conditioning to take over our lives as we grow older.

All we have to do is observe the conditioning. You don’t need to know how to change it. Observing changes the outcome (one of the universe’s greatest tricks). Simply knowing that infinite possibilities are within you gives you the power over your circumstances. All of a sudden, you see how you are the entire universe so many times over, within every single subatomic part of you. You find that the universe is imbalanced – in your favor! Your path becomes the guiding light of your life and you transcend the mundane! Yes, there is no doubt, you are here for a bigger purpose.

When you experience the universe through your own eyes as a child, and when you observe yourself, you are living as your higher self. You are in touch with your spirit guides and angels in ways that are affirming yet subtle. You meet your soul mates every where you go and see it in every smile, every twinkle of the eye. You create your universe from just a thought, and you become twin flames with the person you love simply by stepping into this universe. Step into your love bubble!

You can do all this without ever having to think of ‘how to’ do it! So tell me, have you tried hearing your angels speak? If you don’t hear them, do you get frustrated? Then this is the start of your path to enlightenment. For they are there. They are your consciousness! But your level of consciousness is already a higher frequency. Higher than the human condition, nature, and angel consciousness. You are in creation mode! Everything that happens to you in life right now is being done to lift you up and support you. Not to show you the way, but to reaffirm that you are already on your way.

That being said, you are now going to relearn everything you’ve learned on this spiritual path! Your path was never there for you to follow. Your soul mates were never meant to cross paths. Your twin flame was never meant to be the one and only. Your angels were never meant to guide you. Your lessons weren’t even signed up for before you were born. Here’s the biggest trick that each of us must overcome: By believing things are predestined or meant to be, we are installing rules in our consciousness. These rules become limiting beliefs. THAT is what prevents you from achieving your highest purpose. That is what keeps you experiencing the mundane.

Let go of these beliefs… Prepare yourself for your highest truth: You create all of these things – your divine path, your guides, your soul mates and twin flames – using the power of consciousness. This is the infinite potential found everywhere in the universe. What you really are is the process of consciousness flowing into and out of the vessel of your mind and body. You are the universe experiencing itself. Simply observe and create your experience.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being you, the ultimate power! I am proud to be a part of your existence. When you are ready to take it to the next level, let’s create together… This is Omniversal Enlightenment!


Love the universe you’re in!

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