Radio Interview Announcement!

Great News! I will be interviewed about my books on internet radio, which will air live this Sunday and be available for podcast download. Go to Sunday evening at 4-5PM EST (1-2PM PST) to listen to my interview with Jay Douglass Barker. Jay is an experienced radio host with more than 1,100 interviews from indie authors. He has been involved in the music industry and shares a curious mind like me, so it’s a very good match!

On the Toginet main page, you can navigate to Jay’s page by clicking ‘Shows’ and scrolling down to ‘Indie Book Publishing.’ Again the direct link is

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Those are just ones I published this month! Go to for announcements on upcoming projects and more Omniblogs, and follow me at Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and for being a part of my transformation. I love you all!!!!!!!!!



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