Raising Your Vibration

This could be titled 'How to Raise Your Vibration,' or 'xx ways to...' But this is far more powerful than a how to process or any number of steps. After all, these titles are usually designed just to catch your attention—not to guide you through a process. This is not going to shock you or surprise you, because you already know how within every single grain of your existence. This is a process of remembering divine information to be channeled to your mind in a thoughtstream download. This is a guided-through, not a how to. And it feels good knowing that the you can be guided through this process of remembering as you effortlessly integrate divine knowledge in every aspect of your life, doesn't it?

Here is the key to understanding this knowledge as it is installed in your psyche. Perception is projection. We see things as we are, not as they are, because our brains are designed to filter information. How much filtering or how little filtering is simply based on the vibration we are emanating in this very moment. We are projecting our vibration. This creates an attraction. What we observe is based on the vibrations we attract. So you see how in the past, your results were based upon what frequency you have been vibrating up until now, and knowing that this is a brand new moment, the future results that you are bringing into the present are based upon a wider frequency spectrum just because you know and honor this process. It is automatic!


I learned this from an invisible spider. Seriously! I was sitting on my porch one day relaxing and enjoying a gentle breeze flowing through my hair, thinking of how good it felt. The wind relaxed me as it gently caressed my skin. But I had no idea of what kind of secrets of the universe this breeze was about to unveil. Like magic, as I sat in a relaxed position staring up toward the ceiling, I saw a spider appear as the wind slowed. It was attached to only a single string of web that vibrated with the gently flowing breeze. And then as the breeze picked up, it went completely out of sight again! It didn't change its position. It was still in the same place. Although is appeared to disappear, it was still there. What happened to it that made it invisible?

As the wind got faster, it caused the spider's vibration to increase. It was still there when it was vibrating at a higher frequency, but I couldn't see it! The human eyes are designed to capture up to a specific frame rate per second. Its vibration frequency was faster than my eyes' natural ability to perceive. Wow! I never realized how something could simply appear to vanish just because it was outside of the frame of reference of human perception. What else is beyond our perception? This not only opens new doors to our understanding of things that are undetected, but this knowledge blows the doors right off the hinges! Think about the infinite possibilities of things that could be on a different vibrational frequency, meaning that we just don't even know they are there. What this means to us <em>now </em>is that we are bringing something that we were once unaware of the fact that we were unaware, into a new light of awareness. We may not know what else is out there, but we know that we don't know. And that's a very important step!



Consciousness works in the same way. Our consciousness is a series of vibrations. Our perceptive abilities and self awareness—our self identity—lie within the vibrational frequencies that we are able to perceive. But there's more to us than what we perceive. That's just the conscious mind. As we raise our frequency, we become attuned with the subconscious. This is the programming code that works in the background of our consciousness, running all of the programs that control us in our daily lives! The vibrations can keep going even higher! What we think are angels are higher-vibrational frequencies of our own consciousness. Even the laws of physics and the Akashic records are of the same broadband spectrum. And here's the part where we can be effortlessly guided through a process of raising our vibration to match these frequencies and bring them into our awareness.

We ask questions. By doing so, we invoke a process already built into our consciousness. It is a process of creating space. By creating space, we simply allow our higher frequency consciousness to fill the space. Viola, instant downloads! With the questions we ask, we can empower ourselves with positive presuppositions that align us with the higher frequencies. This can step us up in vibration and bring new light into our perceptive abilities! So lets ask, how can we allow ourselves to be open to raising our vibration, increasing our perceptive abilities to detect even more of our own higher consciousness that aligns us with the highest and best good? As we create empowering questions like these, we gain awareness into new realms of consciousness simply by raising the vibration. In the case of the spider, matching its frequency will make us able to see it. Now think of how raising our vibration will affect all of our senses. Think about what we can see, hear, and feel. As we explore higher frequencies, we become even more open to interacting on higher frequencies. And we in turn raise the frequencies of those around us. This is natural. Just allow it to be as you trust the process. And ask empowering questions!

Feel free to comment with your questions. This is just the beginning of something wonderful!


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