Release that Sh¡t

Are you holding onto something? Do you feel like your life is on repeat? Do you experience the same thing over and over and listen to the same mind chatter going over past scenarios or worrying about the future? If I could give you techniques to change that, would you like to be free of any of these burdens and even more aware of who you really are? Are you completely free of objection?

Just realizing that you are exactly where you need to be is all it takes to be present. You are already on the way! Let’s get right to it. Here is why we all experience looping – it is simply the subconscious bringing up memories to allow ourselves to learn lessons. All problems are gifts because they are opportunities to learn something. But if we are not open, or if we push away the thoughts, guess what? The subconscious will attract the same experiences with other people or places in order to teach us or lessons.


The subconscious is in constant interaction with the field of infinite possibilities. We don’t see this – what we perceive is only based on limited perception of our experiences. If we lead with our perception of our experiences, we are creating attraction of similar experiences. However, when we let go, we create space for new experiences from the field. We create space. That’s all you need to know to stop looping! Just let go. Acknowledge your lessons. We learn from our mistakes and move on. We base our present moment on attraction of new experiences, not old.

I recently discovered this in myself. After feeling heartbroken again and again, I felt that I learned my lessons. But I was still looping. So I stepped out of my frame of reference and viewed myself from an observer’s point of view. I envisioned my higher self point of view, reviewed my life and lessons, acknowledging lessons learned. I decided to give myself a break, recognizing that I am open to giving and receiving love. That feeling has been echoed back by the universe already.

I can reflect my feelings now with ease. And in doing so, I realized that someone does love me. This is huge because if I led by experience, I wouldn’t be attracting this. Creating space works! But I must still be open to lessons. Because with our current situations, it is possible that nothing may come of this. We have completely different lives. Even so, I found a new lesson. It was realizing this process of letting go to create space. It was giving love and having it received. And it is knowing that my blocks are gone because I can be loved. I don’t know what will happen, but I know that I am a divine expression of love.

So if you are looping, just let go. Accept the gift given to you – the present. Acknowledge lessons and move on. Create space. And always know that you are the most beautiful expression of the universe – you are love.

Thanks for reading!

Love the universe you’re in!

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  1. I am certain that you can give and receive love very well. You have had much love all along. There will be future happiness. And love again.

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