You created your timeline and contextualized your reality from a perceptual position of the soul. Science can’t explain it yet, but we’re catching up. All we have to do is remember. All of the answers are known on some level on your timeline and even your karma (that’s also like time–it’s simply a forward-moving transmutation of energy).

You’re multidimensional. And you do have many parallel lives in the past, present, and future. That’s why when you meet someone you get the feeling of knowing them so deeply. That’s remembering.

Science is remembering too. All of our secrets encoded in the past are being deciphered. All of the secrets of cell biology are inherently known by every cell of your existence! And your DNA holds vast storehouses of human evolution data going all the way back to our species’ inception. That’s about 350,000 years of data or more. All you have to do is remember.

I remember things that were never taught in this world.

Like your cells, you have lots of built-in knowledge. When I was a small child, I knew. I knew that there’s more to the story of modern humans. I was getting the Sunday School version at the time, and science later confirmed for me that humans have been here far longer. But there’s an unusual kink in our knowledge, and the fossil record only preserved just a small percentage of what’s happened here.

What I knew was that we weren’t the first civilized, technologically advanced human race.

There were others like us. They were from Earth. They lived and loved on Earth. They fought their wars on Earth. And when they left, they left no trace behind. Some old archaeological ruins might provide clues, but the older ones seem to have had their inhabitants intentionally removing all tools. What I remembered was that our race took to space, leaving others behind to carry on the human race, although with none of their technology.

Only time will tell if this is true.

And really, the human condition is only part of what I remember.

We see through our eyes, hear through our ears, and think with our minds, but all of this is really just sensing energies around us. Your higher senses are really just different ways of sensing things. When I mentioned soul earlier, I see it as an intermediary between the physical and the underlying energies of the universe. Simply think of it as a conductor of waves of light and sound if you like. It’s your connection to the environment. One that physically alters your body as your epigenome responds to changes in your environment. Yea, you’re multidimensional alright!

So now I invite you to see through your soul’s eyes and hear through your soul’s ears. Feel pure energy flowing in, around, and through you as you filter exactly what’s needed for your life to progress. Science calls that the reticular activating system, or RAS. Go deeper. See your soul as if you’re floating above. Notice how it’s connected to all of your timelines in a way that’s fueling a common path–that’s your karma. You can see all of this happening from inside a control room, viewing each life upon one of many screens.

Now rewind the timeline. There’s a dial or a button in your control room that lets you do this naturally.

From this perceptual position you can see that your energy is aligning itself to attract what it is that you need in this life to evolve.

This is also what I remember–

There is a time and a space outside time and space where you choose your life. You choose a lesson plan. Yes, that lesson plan of yours was your choice. You choose parents. You can even choose between realms of existence.

I remember.

It was my first memory as a child. I remember choosing between Earth and another existence that has evolved beyond our #3rdDimensionalProblems. Two beings were questioning me. They appeared to be shadow beings–very powerful orchestrators of divine love. I was choosing my parents on Earth and they actually seemed taken back somewhat that I was choosing Earth. I knew I was coming back on purpose.

I remember who they are.

They are our guides. They are the curators of universal knowledge. They speak through me.

When I made that decision, it was like running a computer program, opening up windows of lives in multiple multiple timelines. I’ve been here before. I remember. My purpose at first was to bring universal knowledge. I’ve walked the Earth in many forms to spread the knowledge throughout human history.

Today I’ve changed. Humanity is awakening and that’s spurred my growth. More and more, people are coming out with their own story like mine. I never would have shared this kinda stuff because I thought I was alone. I’m not.

We’re all here together guiding each other.

And the ones who left? Well actually, they didn’t. They’ve been waiting for us to remember. We work together on many levels. They assist with the ascension process when souls have transcended their karma. Human souls are leveling up.

So why did I choose this really and not the other? Because I remember. I remembered that I’m needed here. The world needs love, especially in these times.

When you remember your soul contract, you become more actively engaged in spreading peace, love, and knowledge. You see from all-new points of view. You see beyond the surface distractions that others seem to get caught up in. You see beyond bullshit! And you know that the root of it all is stemming from an incongruence with people and what they don’t yet remember.

No matter what happened in your past, you’re human. Unless you’re a cat that’s evolved to read, but that’s another story. All you have to do is remember. Remember that we make mistakes, because that leads to forgiveness, liberation, and freedom.

And the more you remember, the more you evolve.

It’s not about your mistakes. It’s not about your past. It’s about what you’re bringing right here and now.

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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