I remember now. I am not my body, nor my soul. I am a timeless, eternal consciousness manifesting itself as a universe with the building blocks of life in order to create self-aware conscious beings. Why? simply, to remember who I am. This is who we are. If you are reading this right now, it is because you are ready to remember.

I thought I was teaching new concepts once, only to discover that I have repeated my lessons for millenia. Past masters taught what I did. It is carved in rocks throughout the world. I simply remembered. And in doing so, I have come to help awaken you so you can remember who you are. You are the pure, beautiful, underlying energy that goes beyond this universe, penetrating every bit of this existence. You are consciousness. You are love. Remember?

In a spirit honoring the progression of every reflection, I bring you these simple steps to enlightenment. But as I reminded you, you already know these steps. You are just remembering what is already known on every level of your very existence. Your cells know. They do not ask what their purpose is. They just know. Likewise, each of us know exactly what our purpose is. We are just remembering. Whenever you experience a lesson in which you feel stuck, ask yourself, “what am I pretending to have forgotten if I believe I am anything less than the universe?”

Here’s what our modern society is pretending to have forgotten:

1) Awaken to the programming we have undergone by our own doing. Every one of us is programmed by actions of our parents and environments, the languages used, and even programmed on genetic and past life levels. Simply acknowledge that this is how we are coded, and you have awakened. Like awakening from a dream, stepping foot on the ground, and proclaiming, “I love my life,” we embark upon a new path. We seek profound love, we honor others, and we give unconditional love. The universe around us changes as we do. This is awakening. It is realizing that everything you need to know is already known on a level of consciousness within you that you previously didn’t know was there. Now you are enlightened! But remember, enlightenment is the journey you just embarked upon – not an end point. This was the mistake the masters of the past may have made (unless they didn’t).

2) Transform yourself into all new dimensions of your being. Now you are realizing how the programming can be utilized to turn your life around. You can literally rewire your brain, change your behavior, and become someone new every single day. And this is something you already know how to do. You have done this before. You exist as a timeless, eternal consciousness, remember? As you transform, your awakened mind starts remembering more and more. Your purpose becomes even clearer. You serve others with loving gratitude and it feels good.

3) Remember what you were pretending to have forgotten. What is it that makes this reality so convincing? Is it the senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch? Is it the sixth and higher senses? What if all of these are simply programs for your brain to create your reality from literal fields of energy we are surrounded by? Remember? The universe is simply a singularity consisting of all of the energy. Everything we know is the projection of this energy as it is channeled through multiple avenues to create matter and forces with which our consciousness sculpts our existence. Yes, you remember. This is the consciousness level where you decide to be. Where you decide how every one of your cells is going to serve your body. Where you decide where every one of your bodies is going to serve communities. Humanity. Life itself.

When you remember, you are living the combined experiences of all of the past masters. That is why they taught us to remember. Jesus and John the Baptist taught us that God is within and the way to God is through the self. Buddha taught that enlightenment need not follow a set of dogmatic rules, and in doing so, surprised the angels with his state of remembering who he is. Enoch taught that angels were forms of consciousness able to take physical form at will. Remembering these lessons together, we remember that these are all aspects of our very own consciousness. These are our lessons we learned throughout history so we can remember who we really are.

So tell me, what were you pretending to have forgotten? Who are you? Are you and I truly one on a level of consciousness where we know each other, our purpose, and our lessons, all laid out for us on this nice little plan for our paths to cross right here and right now? Whatever your answers are, I will tell you this: You are exactly where you need to be. You are on the right path. You are remembering. And this feels good, doesn’t it?


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Remember When It Rained.. by Khomenko
Remember When It Rained..
by Khomenko

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  1. Comforting thoughts. Many different levels of remembering, aren’t there? I like to be reminded that we are all where we need to be at every moment – thanks. Again.

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