The best thing about science is that it is self correcting to conform to new data. Old ideas become obsolete as new ideas are based off of overwhelming evidence. When something becomes a theory, it has essentially been proven scientifically with mountains of supporting data. And even that can change. Yes, with faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains! How so? By observing. Science is based on observation, and we are the observer.

In the advent of quantum physics over a century ago, it was found that observation affects the outcome. What this means is that infinite possibilities exist for any given particle or force. However, at the time we observe it, we perceive a single state of its existence. This allows us to create a tree of particles and forces. It is our perception that distinguishes the small differences in states and how each state creates an attraction to others. And this brings us to the next question: Have we been observing the same effect with consciousness all along? Is consciousness a single underlying energy?

Just like with quantum physics recreating the landscape of scientific knowledge, we are now at another forefront of science and technology: consciousness. This new revolution is taking place right now in terms of neuroscience, yet we also see parallels to ancient wisdom and philosophy. For example, the powers of creation have been written in religious and alchemical texts from long ago. Quantum physics gave us insight into the observer effect. Neuroscience shows us how the brain is literally remapped based on our perception shifts as we expand our awareness.

As we remap the neural pathways in the brain, which were thought to remain unchanged just a few years ago, we notice changes in the perceptual field around us. This, the observer effect has noticeable, measurable changes in reality. With mastery, we can materialize love and abundance in our lives. We can expand our consciousness and love from the perceptual position of recognizing consciousness in everything – a feeling of connectedness. And we can surf through over a hundred years of scientific data to show us how to back this with science.

Connectedness comes from entanglement – an inherent property of all things that allows faster-than-light communication between objects we thought were separate. Known as spooky-action-at-distance, this is simply an extension of the physical properties of a singularity (the Big Bang). As we delve further, we see that all forces and particles are holographic projections from one singularity, causing both entanglement and infinite possibilities. And then…

We find that consciousness is the same. It is a projection. There is a source and an observer. The observer effect does the same to consciousness by creating something from a field of infinite possibilities. Just like the observation of distinct particles, we also observe distinct identities within each of us. Identity had often been confused with consciousness in the past, hence the term ‘conscious mind.’

The conscious mind was once thought to control everything with respect to navigating our daily lives. Thanks to years of scientific study, it is known now that the subconscious is more in control. 95 percent of our control is executed using the code written in the subconscious. As we reprogram the subconscious through our daily activities, we rewire the neural pathways of the brain. This is our awareness expanding before our very eyes.

This is just the beginning! The subconscious is simply a gateway to true consciousness. The consciousness we all share. The underlying energy of the entire universe. We’ve been tapping into it this whole time! The next scientific frontier may be finding evidence of the underlying energy of all known forces and our connection to it. We’ve always known it though. We just call it love. Beauty. The soul. I empty myself and find that this love is what fills me without effort.

Like observing how science changes our lives, we can view from the perceptual position as the observer. Science brings humanity lessons. With every lesson in life, our awareness becomes expanded. Everywhere I look, I see true beauty in the lessons. And as more people cross paths with me, I see transgression as I guide those to their divine paths, and in doing so, I experience people’s true beauty. This is my gift to you. This is your enlightenment. Enlightenment through science. This is evolution of consciousness.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Change your perspective, change your universe.


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