Ride the Wave

Life isn’t really that complicated. It’s just the natural result of chaos. 😉 And we love to give it all kinds of meanings. How you experience life is exactly as unique as you are, because it’s your values and beliefs programmed in your subconscious that determine your behaviors and perceptions. You are your own reality filter. And you’re a lot more, because simply through your own observation, you are creating. Your observation is bringing the reality you’re attracting into the here and now. You put your own spin on life. And as you evolve and strip away the barriers to your higher perception, you see things in all new ways. This one perception shift shows you how…

You are an energy being.

Beneath the physical exterior, your core–your very essence–is that of pure underlying energy. It’s the energy of attraction. The energy of unconditional love.

Every atom in you was made by stars. You come from all over the universe. In this field of plentitude, everything is working to make life happen. Everything’s for you. You simply decide to transmute energy into physicality, making the conditions for stars to be born and laying the foundation to seed the entire universe with life.

This all happens in an instant. Because it’s happening in timeless time–an eternity of all time existing all the time. That’s the spark of life. It’s the energy transmuting into physical to set the timeline and become every single grain of your existence.

And in that instant, there is a convergence.

You are the convergence. It’s consciousness that is the basic underlying code of your process of becoming.

There’s a focal point created by you, the observer, where every possibility is available to you right here and now. From energy to physical, a single grain becomes a triple point existing of energy, wave, and particle. There is life here. Because you, the observer, impart your own perception to your process. You customize the possibilities of this spark of life.

Consciousness is the fuel, and you are building an engine.

You are observing all that you are all the time, creating the conditions possible for every cell of your being. And you’re co-creating with all the other beautiful souls in your environment. Every reflection of you. Every possibility of you.

But you give it all meaning. How you perceive everything is completely up to you and so perfect for your own growth and evolution. It’s custom tailored to you, by you.

The reality is, you are conducting the energy like an orchestra. You are creating the flow of consciousness that is life. This is underlying energy of the universe–the very foundation of the forces that make life possible. And your spin on this is your frequency. Your vibration. Your unique identity. You are your perception.

This is carried forward for generations in your cellular makeup. Every cell that is you passes its information to other cells of you. So new cells get the download. Cellular memory allows you to regenerate yourself through the cells made by the stars that were made by the conditions you created simply by observing yourself!

Cellular memory also places constraints on your physical being. All of your cells are constantly dying and being replaced. That allows you to treat each day as of it is brand new. You’re constantly creating and recreating yourself. The only barriers are the ones you put there so you can transcend them in your evolutionary process. And age is one of them. We all have a maximum age our cells will allow. But can that be hacked?

Nearly every part of the system can be hacked because it’s code. As are you. Your subconscious is also programming. It’s why you see what you see–that’s the result of your unique perception filter.

Imagine being able to hack life to create a better now.

That’s what growth is about. It’s why your cells want to be a part of you and pass on their information to the next. It’s why stars want to become you by loving and dying to see the universe with life. It’s why you built this body to be a vehicle traveling through the cosmos. And it’s why you yearn to be a more loving presence in this universe every single brand new moment, knowing that you are also serving a greater purpose. Life.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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