Right Where You Are

You may find this shocking. You may not want to believe. But this is a universal truth. Just as true as the gravity holds us firm to the ground, and just as true as all forces of attraction are the underlying energy of the universe: pure love. The reason I say this today is because YOU have an important lesson to learn, and you can either push it away (again) or stand in the here and now to acknowledge this lesson.

Your higher self, your guides, and the universe itself all stand together to bring you a gift. Open this gift, and the present is revealed: You are exactly where you need to be at this moment of your life. What happened in your past didn’t kill you if you’re reading this right now, so why hold onto anything? In this moment, what if we could just let go and accept our gift? Would you be interested in accepting for the highest and best good of your soul’s infinite potential? Are you completely free of any kind of objection?

Imagine yourself sitting alongside a pristine beach. The breeze whisks through your hair, birds fly by and squawk, and your feet are gently grounded in the sand. The late afternoon Sun, as it begins its decent, illuminates the waves as it reflects from the wavy surface of water. This is the mind in the present. Calm. Serene, wise and all-knowing. You may not be here every moment of every day, but wherever you are is exactly where you need to be to receive your gift. Be accepting of the present.


Like all of us, we have each had our fair share of lessons. And we are each given the ability to learn from them. We don’t need to know exactly where we’re going our how to get there. Sometimes, we can just let go and follow our gut. This is intuition. All roads lead to where you are right now. So as you take your next step, let’s create the intention to explore. Let’s create the intention to grow. We can make mistakes, because they help us on this path.

This is the true beauty of the universe. Before we enter the physical body, we accept lessons. We are living these lessons right here and now! But it is even bigger than that… These lessons keep us connected to the source! This is our divine nature to grow and glow.

Our gifts reinforce our divine connection. As divine love, we are much more than what we currently know of on this realm. We are life. Plain and simple. We exist everywhere in the universe. We are attraction that forms stars. We are molecules formed by atoms created by stars. We are chemical reactions with water that is found everywhere in the universe. We are chaos forming from the order of the universe. Our lessons are found in this river of chaos.

So go fuck something up! You are love and deserve a gift! It is our purpose to find the lesson and accept that gift. Follow your intuition and your divine path will be revealed. The river of chaos will go from being your master to being your student. This is the lesson for us all: We’re all in this together.

Thank you for reading and sharing! It is done. It is done. It is done. And so it is…

Love the universe you’re in!

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