Rise to Love

When was the last time you fell in love? What if, instead of falling in love, we experience something more powerful and profound, empowering even more of our souls’ transgression together? I invite you to carefully read the following to completely integrate this wisdom into every cell of your being as you fully embody what I am about to say. Rise to love.

Why do we rise to love? How is this different from falling in love? Falling is such a natural thing to do, isn’t it? So many things fall as they can no longer be lifted up by the forces that hold them. Think of some of humanity’s greatest structures. Over time, they crumble away, and eventually, each piece finds its way back to the ground, where it had originally come from.

In this sense, falling marks the completion of something. When something falls, it is done. Is this why we fall in love, so our quest to find a perfect mate is finished? Do we need this person to be complete? If we are to believe our social conditioning – our society’s values, our parent’s wishes, even our establishment’s teachings – then what I am about to say is going to put everything we have ever learned into question…

If we have acknowledged completion in any way, we are fooling ourselves! There is no end point, which is exactly why things crumble and fall apart. We are meant to keep going, to keep finding even more love within each and every one of us and everything we do! THIS is why we rise to love! Because in doing so, we are building. No matter if we’re looking for first love or recovering from falling in love, our purpose is to continue to build.

It is a never ending quest. For those who have already found true love, find even more within yourself. This love expresses itself in new avenues for your lover to experience. Pour absolute love into everything you do. Keep going within and finding even more love. Let it become the passion that drives you in your divine path – your life purpose. Use this love as a platform to build something even greater!

Rise to love. Allow love to express itself through you. Use this power to effectively communicate and improve everything in your work and personal life. In my own case, expression of love has shown up as passion for cutting edge science and building a platform to utilize my findings to transform people’s lives! So I say, rise to love! Let it be the driving force that lifts you.

And I ask you now, knowing that everything you just read has been fully integrated in every cell of your being, rewiring those old neural pathways in the brain with new ultraloving superhighways of neurons, what is rising right now? How is this showing up in your life? Because as you actively build something, you move mountains! With faith in yourself, mountains are rising to be with your awesome power of universal love and pure beauty!

Every day you rise to love, you set a new standard for what you can accomplish. Every instant is a new beginning. Every moment is pure beauty. Rise to love!


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