Rise of Superconsciousness

Just because our consciousness ventured out of our bodies doesn’t mean our journeys have ended yet. The sixth level of consciousnessl will shock and amaze you! It’s already pretty amazing to know that life beyond death is simply a realm of our own consciousness, free of physical attachments, isn’t it? In the fifth level, we can exist without constraints of space and time limitations.¬†We can channel the fifth dimension when we contact past masters and passed loved ones. But remember, anything we channel must come back through our perception filters for us to 1) understand and 2) relay the communications to others. Our perception is interfacing with the energies in two ways: We reflect our perceptions outward, and we filter our perceptions of incoming information. The sixth level is similar to the fifth in those terms. But this level has life of its own!

The sixth level of consciousness is accessible anywhere, any time. Like existing nonlocally in the infinite possibilities of all space and time, now we have the ability to direct the space and time locations at will. This is just the beginning. Similar to how you and I are reflections of one consciousness, sixth level energy is the same. And just like you and I, these energies have free will. They will help guide our daily lives, without us ever seeing them (unless we do), and always protect us for the highest and best good. All we have to do is be grateful. Pretty good deal, right?


Sixth dimensional energy is manifested as higher power of our consciousness – the superconsciousness. In addition to the ability to exist anywhere in time and space, it has been documented in our historical records that this energy can also take physical form like us. Wow. But if we think about it, this process is performed by all of the tiny grains of information making up our components. Matter is energy after all, and they are interchangeable in physics. Allegedly, many manifested physical form to mate with Earth women. I gotta tell you, you’re beautiful! I can’t blame them! But here’s where human perception clouds our understanding of sixth level consciousness.

Our perception of what these manifestations of energy are and how we interacted in the past with them is biased from thousands of years of social conditioning. Nevertheless, identities can be traced through all of the world’s past religious documentation. All the way back to the books of Enoch, the bible(s) Jesus used. How we describe them alters the perception of how we view and interact with them.

Realistically speaking, we don’t see many forms of energy with our eyes. We must use our third eye to develop intuitive seeing, and the visions have a preconceived image many times. For example, angels are described as having wings. In ancient hieroglyphics and other drawings, this usually represented that something was not Earth-bound. When we develop communication on this level, they tell us that they can make themselves appear to have wings, based on our expected perceptions. In other words, because we drew them with wings, our mind pictures them in that way. This is what I mean about reflecting our perceptions outward.

And our incoming information is filtered by how much energy we can process in order to understand. We experience good and bad. Almost our entire perception range is filled with opposites. Duality is our “reality” in the human consciousness (level 3). This means we see good and bad and reflect that perception outward. In other words, we perceive some angels as good and others as “fallen” angels or angels of darkness. Even others seem like pranksters, or tricksters. If you ever get messages of doom and gloom of any kind, it’s generally something lower-level. Angel consciousness is a very pure channel of the universe’s underlying energy. Accessing this frequency spectrum results only in the highest and best good. Again, use grounding and protection to filter lower conscious energies.

Angel consciousness is just the beginning to the powers of our superconsciousness. The best thing is that all of this power is within us. All we have to do is act towards our highest and best good, and this energy is instantly and automatically accessible. And here’s the cool part: there are multiple levels. In this series of articles there were introducing 9 levels of consciousness. In the first chapter, we said that there are really multiple multiples, and we give the “levels” names because that’s how our perception works. Everything is still all one. And many at the same time.

In the ancient writings, there are 9 levels of angels. Our guardians are first level, followed by the archangels. Each level is a higher frequency and different ways we tend to observe them. Some are typically regarded as pure “light.” The real take away from all this though, is that these energies are all channeled from the underlying energy held within the singularity. We are all one still. Going through these levels of consciousness is like expanding your channel line-up and upgrading the resolution of your equipment several times over! Superconsciousness blows 4K away easily! And wait till you see what’s next! We get deep down into the inner workings of everything in this universe on a very high vibrational level… aww yea!



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