The River of Life

Imagine if the present time was a single drop of water in a river steadily flowing downstream. It was said that one can never return to the same place in this river as time passes by. But what if this analogy only anchors our perception of a timeline? Could there be more? Notice how effortlessly we can visualize the entire river from start to finish as a single body of water. Similarly, notice how our timeline can be viewed as one. No matter where we are on our timeline, we are always at the present moment. No matter where we are in the river of time, we are always connected to the whole thing.

We are invited to enter the realm of quantum physics. In this reality, everything we perceive is actually every single possibility. We see a snapshot in time that represents the most likely combination of possibilities at the exact moment that we make an observation. This is the present moment explained by science! When we apply this to the river of time, notice how the entire river is the unlimited possibilities. When we look upon the river and take a snapshot, we see just a small part of it. When we do this again and again, we create a timeline. This is how perception of time works. We are actually creating this reality as we observe the infinite flow of energy.




Now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, we are going to go deeper into our experience with a greater awareness and understanding. The best part is that we already know this on a higher level of our own consciousness. Just as our timeline is a river, we are integrally connected to every bit of it from start to finish. And the connection runs deeper. The river runs into even bigger bodies of water that in turn are connected to the atmosphere, providing precipitation that feeds the river. There is no beginning or end. That was just how we perceived the timeline, in the past. And now in this new light, we can see how there's more to the picture than what we perceived in the past, yes? Truth is, in our quantum reality, all possibilities exist. Every part of the river exists at any given time. Our timeline is accessible all the time.

And in this larger system, notice how the same atmospheric precipitation feeds other rivers, each connected to the same ocean. Each river is a timeline of infinite possibilities. Each river is connected. Imagine your consciousness now in the atmosphere, floating above all of the rivers. The rivers are connected to your consciousness. Each of these are your parallel lives. They might be in our past or future, but with all of the possibilities of time existing all the time, these are all connected. The flow with the same water as you and me. The same energy. This level of consciousness that we are viewing from up in the atmosphere is our higher self. The connection of this system is accessible in our subconsciousness. This is where we observe ourselves with a greater frame of reference. This is where we have a natural understanding of the universe and its infinite possibilities. It is also where we filter from these possibilities to create the reality our conscious mind perceives.

As soon as we are ready for more, and when that is will be the perfect time for us, we are going to experience more possibilities. The precipitation that feeds the rivers may be our higher self, but what if we let go of the association with the water? What is we can float above in the higher levels of the atmosphere? Notice how everything is connected, and there are multiple levels of the atmosphere as it leads to space above. These are the higher levels of consciousness. And then notice how light infiltrates all levels of the atmosphere and the world below from the Sun. Imagine the Sun feeding all of the Earth's life force, giving energy to the natural cycles of precipitation and energy flow. You are the energy. This is why we say that life is an illusion. It is just the parts we are able to perceive that we have used in the past to define our reality from our past state of awareness. And now in the light of our new understanding, we see that our perception is really unlimited. It is constructed in such a way that we understand our physical surroundings bound by a timeline, but this is merely a function of the generalization of infinite data from the energy flow.

Truth is, we are not where we think we are. We are the consciousness, the light that permeates the whole world. As this energy is absorbed in the atmosphere, it results in different weather patterns and different bodies of water. These are each as unique as our individual identities. One light results in as many identities of flowing energy as all of the people on this world. Yet we are all connected. We're all made of the same stuff. We all have the same water in our bodies. And we all experience the same light from this level of awareness. Without the light, we wouldn't even be here. Light provided energy allowing early life on this planet to evolve... into us. And now in the light of our new awareness, notice how easily we understand that we are all different outcomes of infinite possibilities of one consciousness. This is the beauty of living.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

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