Sacred Space

Welcome to this universe – the new beautiful you. You are the creator of your life experiences, your perception, and your awareness. You are the creator of this universe projected from your consciousness. Your building blocks are the field of infinite possibilities. This is purely a labor of love, but not as much labor as we might assume. In fact, we think it into existence! From unconditional love, all things are possible. This is our highest potential – our highest consciousness – our highest and best good. What we think into existence with love is unstoppable! All we really have to do is create space… This is our true power.


Before I go further, I must acknowledge and respect our belief systems. On the surface, what I say may seem like a contradiction of one’s system of values. But what if I could show you how beliefs can be utilized to facilitate this process, strengthening your own power even more? Belief is a powerful tool that helps develop our intuitive abilities. It can also hold us at bay until a time when we’re ready to accept them. Belief  is what the subconscious uses to determine how much information is going to be needed to allow us to follow our path for the highest and best good. This allows us to custom-create our perception. Perception becomes the window with which we view the world. Simply knowing this allows us to discern illusion from true reality. This window of perception can be expanded or just as big as it needs to be. It can be lensed, and even colored. It’s completely up to the observer! How we view our window of perception becomes our awareness. Your awareness does not have to be fixed or limited in any way – it can be expanded at will. This is the true beauty of the universe!

Although some may find internal conflicts with respect to science and spirituality, I have found that they can be resolved with ease. Simply ask two questions: How does your belief serve you? Is it for the highest and best good of the progression of your essence/consciousness/soul? If a belief serves a positive purpose and supports your path, then you are right where you need to be! But if you receive information that doesn’t vibe with you, question it! Trust in the process. Trust your gut. Become a seeker of truth if you wish to expand your awareness. The window of perception can be changed at any moment.

This is the path many of us take. We start from one belief system and over time, change. It is the evolution of our very soul. The evolution of consciousness. Simply, it is personal growth. When people experience this growth, they become more loving and serving with gratitude and compassion. This is not by accident. Awareness is a gift. What we receive is so absolutely wonderful, we can only give back! This is how the universe works. We create the space, ask the questions, and the universe simply delivers.

If you are wondering why, it’s because you are the universe! I can show you how this is true using modern scientific techniques exploring quantum physics and neuroscience. But it’s really simpler than any explanation we can give. The universe just favors life. We are that life. Everything we need is right here, right now! We have abundance of everything – peace, love, and knowledge. Our window of perception determines how we see this abundance. Those in sleeping states might only perceive lack and limitation. But their experience is completely up to them – that’s free will. If you have found me, then chances are that you are already on your way to discover enlightenment.

People get lost in the search sometimes. It’s not something you can get from all of these ‘how to’ suggestions everywhere. There are no steps to do anything. However, that doesn’t stop people from piling on more layers of social conditioning. People travel to seek masters or gurus or meditate on a mountaintop somewhere. While travel is good, it is not necessary for enlightenment. All of the tools you need are inside you. It is simply a process of peeling away the layers of conditioning, exposing the soul. But in this modern day and age, the conditioning may seem insurmountable. That’s where I come in.

If you were to consider traveling overseas to seek enlightenment, what’s the first step in your journey? Would you call a travel agent to book a flight? Think about how you would get there. You would need transportation, and even trail guides to get you there. What if I told you that I can be that travel agent as well as the trail guide? If I can take you to the place where you could simply find that which is already within you, would you be all in? Even better, If I can show you that you can embody the full power of Christ, resolving any potential conflicts, would you be with me? Does any part of you object? Are you ready to get started?

This is why I’m here! Stick with me and we will travel the universe! Thanks for reading, and I am so appreciative to all who share this gift of unconditional love with friends. Thank you!


Change your perspective, change your reality.

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  1. And the growing we do takes place wherever we are and even without our knowledge most times! Thanks for reminding us how vital this growth is.

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