Science is Sexy

Intellect is hot! We live in the day and age where scientists are regaled as some of the sexiest women and men alive! All over the media, we have science superstars now.

Elise Andrew rose to fame by creating the Facebook pages, the Universe and I Fucking Love Science. Neil Degrasse Tyson is one of the most popular scientists and the host of one of my favorite TV shows, Cosmos. Bill Nye the Science Guy makes headlines every time he talks. He has been a huge proponent for teaching evolution theory in schools. He has also spoken of the importance of testing genetically modified organisms for safety. Michio Kaku, author of The Future of the Mind, actually inspired my work in Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. You can’t watch any shows about science without seeing him. Morgan Freeman has capitalized with the success of his show Through the Wormhole. Even today, many scientists of the past are finally being honored, like Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress from the 30s through the 50s who invented broadband technology used today. It’s nice to see people in science finally getting the attention they deserve.


All of this is confirmation for me that the timing is perfect for my scientific proposal in my book , followed by my upcoming children’s book and my next project(s). Thank you, universe! But there’s more to just the timing of everything and the people behind the science. Ever wonder why we are in such a golden age? This is our evolution! We are discovering more and more about ourselves and our surroundings each and every day.

We are evolving our consciousness. As the human knowledge base expands and we break free of shackles of the past that held us, we are becoming something far greater than imagined. We are becoming even more spiritually based in our learning and our actions. Even my book, seeking to answer questions about how the Big Bang started, has led me to greater insight about the human mind – that which is beyond the physical. This finding is pretty darn sexy: We are spiritual beings that create bodies out of pure universal energy and can literally manifest what happens in our lives.

This is the new cutting edge science, and the new wave of scientists are regaled as rock stars! This is because we know the power of the mind and we can manifest this into being for the highest and best good of the education of our communities. This is what I AM doing! This is what we are experiencing! This is conscious evolution, and this is creation! Yes, they are one and the same. Simply put, we are here to expand our perception.

And here’s where it just keeps getting even better! If we can use manifestation as a tool for science, then we can use it for anything. Manifestation is creating your life with your thoughts, rather than just experiencing it. And you can manifest love! This is why science is sexy!

We are creating our very lives right before our eyes and now, people like me are manifesting abundance and love for the highest and best good! In doing so, I am creating my equal. With me, the days where women are second to men are gone – we are partners sharing infinite blessings in life. So tell me, do you think intelligence is sexy? Are you willing to explore the cosmos of the universe, the mind, the Omniverse? Then we shall dance. We shall love. We shall experience life together as kindred spirit! Why do I think science is sexy? Because it attracts like-minded people. By raising the vibration of humanity with the knowledge shared in my book, I am creating a new world. I am surfing infinite possibilities of parallel universes. And you are too!

Thank you for sharing my journey. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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