Science with a Purpose

Have you ever wondered how science serves humanity to make our lives even more fulfilled with infinite knowledge of the cosmos and ourselves? What is the driver of this process? Perhaps science itself at its core has a soul. One that can can provide guidance for those on their divine paths towards obtaining infinite knowledge. Maybe there’s more. Science itself has a purpose. To serve. As scientists, we have the purpose to serve.

Yet, when I observe, I see others who are sleeping. They have no knowledge of their soul purpose. For many, and I mean many, science is a blind following. It is a way to impress others with lots of number crunching and big words to get good grades and get names on published papers. It is ego driven for many. It is conformity. Learn the rules and procedures. Follow the rules and procedures. Don’t deviate from the norm. While progress has been made by following procedures like this, it becomes self-serving to the scientific community. There becomes an information gap in how data is disseminated. It gets locked away behind paywalls in papers only the academics have access to. If you are a student, you can access these. If not, you will pay. I should mention that many journals, like Nature, are now serving the rest of us by publishing for free. The tides are turning!

What I am about to say will turn the academic industry upside-down. This ego-driven industry serving itself is not realizing the full potential of science. Why? Because we’re too concerned with following the rules. Sometimes, you just gotta break free! And here is the real truth, coming from some of the greatest minds of science: Science is intuition. Science is exploration, Science is discovery! A hundred years ago and before that, scientists relied on their intuition to guide them. Yet, our history books often claim that their discoveries were made by mistake. Really? Who cannot accept a person following intuition to the point that they must write it off as mistakes? More importantly, how can it be proven that such discoveries were indeed mistakes? It can’t!

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Albert Einstein spoke of the importance of following intuition. In fact, Einstein spent a great deal of his research in what he called his ‘thought experiments.’ He would literally just sit and let the universe give the answers to his mind, then interpret them and test them. He was opening a channel with which the universe could facilitate the flow of information. Many people wouldn’t even take credit for their ideas. Instead, they credited the process. THIS is the power of the mind! Another great mind, Nicola Tesla, paid attention to the frequencies and vibrations to discover how to transmit energy wirelessly. It is unfortunate that his research for free wireless electricity was shitcanned. But his work was not lost. People are working right now to recreate his technology.

Do you want to know the key to discovering things like Tesla’s power technology? It’s really simple! Do your own thought experiments. Use your own intuitive ability. YES you do have it! We all have intuition built-in (we may not know it if we haven’t used it). Sometimes, all you need is a good meditation practice and the answers just come to you. The best part: You don’t even need to know how to meditate! You can stand, sit, or lie down, It doesn’t matter. You can listen to guided meditations or sit in silence. It doesn’t matter. You can let your mind wander or let it be still. It doesn’t matter. All you have to do is breathe, and just be. You are facilitating the energy of the information flow of the universe in every single part of you at any given moment. When you focus on the breath, it will come to you!

I have found that I initiate meditation techniques before going to sleep. I set intentions as I lie down in bed. About 20 years before I knew anything at all about meditation, I was doing this. I was setting the intention to seek and find answers of how to explain the universe. And when it came to me, it was such a discovery! But when I started meditating, it started to become more clear. A vision I had years prior was now formulating itself in my mind as a scientific proposal that could be communicated to everyone. This was how I started writing my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse! Something was pushing me in this direction – guiding me to write a book. And so I did. But I realized something important in this process. It is my service to humankind. Because I chose not to follow the traditional route. I did follow rules to create a scientific proposal. But I did not keep it within just the academic industry. I made it available to everyone! And as a bonus, I also took everything I researched, and made it easy to understand! Like a Woody Allen title, it became ‘everything you ever wanted to know about the universe but were afraid to ask.’ And it is available to YOU!

So once again, instead of focusing on ‘how to’ do something, instead consider ‘how not to’ do it. Just let go. Your intuition will show you the way. Thanks for reading and sharing the love! Follow fb/GrandSlamTheory for more.


Everything we know about the universe is about to change.

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