Spirituality is really just like science – only you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  It is all about exploration and discovery. Even religion explored the same questions, before being institutionalized and telling us the answers instead. And today, science appears very much institutionalized as well. However, science has checks and balances, creating a system that is self-correcting. When new data changes conclusions, science can be rewritten. It is the process of seeking answers that advances science – not just knowing the answers.


By incorporating scientific principles in our spiritual practices, we become the experiment, and we are the observer. The goal is to seek the truth. We question what we are and how we came to be. We have been doing this since before the beginning of written history on this planet! And each person’s questions and answers may be completely unique. However, they bring us all closer together. They bring us all to one.

Science is always advancing our knowledge base, while also catching up to knowledge taught by the ancients. We find evidence of the soul. We find evidence of our very consciousness. It is challenging to ask questions like this scientifically – think about proving thought. Think about proving love. Scientists explore the fields of thought and emotion by energies they produce that can be measured and quantified. As technology gets better, we find scientific studies involving telepathy. Around the corner, we may find evidence of higher conscious energy forms like angels. One must proceed without bias and let the data do the talking.

What’s next? If we all experience free thought, uninhibited by institutional rules, then the answer is liberation. Freedom. Unity. For even though many people form boxes which with to think inside of, abolishment of the box mentality can only be accomplished by cooperating together. Scientists of all different backgrounds do this. But some may be excluded due to unfortunate circumstances in life. Yet, more and more educational tools are available for free today. People can learn outside of the institutions. We are free!


One of the most important hurdles we must learn to leap above is that of judgment. When people see either side as different, they tend to judge the “other” side. For example, the science vs religion debate. We tend to think of each as separate. Instead, view these as two sides of a coin. The coin is the most valuable knowledge. Wouldn’t it help to view it as the whole? When people are taught untruths about evolution based on beliefs, others tend to judge them too. It is important to value the morals of those people, while upholding one’s integrity. People will soon learn the facts on their own. Judging and separating only confounds the illusion that we are different.

The real lesson therein is simply this: Each to his or her own. And that takes us back to the spiritual lesson. It is a personal journey. We all awaken in our own time. We’re all in this together. So love one another. If we disagree, we can still learn lessons from our disagreement. In the end, were all coming back to one universal underlying energy – whatever we choose to call it. And we will ask ourselves two very important questions: How much information did you gain? And how much love did you give? To honor life is to honor the cycle of underlying energy within.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being a part of my life. It is done. It is done. It is done.


The soul purpose of science is to serve.

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