Scientific Evidence of Angels

You probably already think I’m crazy before you’ve even read this, don’t you? That’s ok, because I am most likely going against the norm. After all, it’s safe for us to assume that we have this whole reality thing all figured out and that things only exist if we can touch and see them. Well, we don’t. And this is backed by science.


Our universe consists mostly of dark energy, a force we don’t understand. Then there’s dark matter, a thing we don’t understand. Making up less than 5 percent of the universe is matter and forces that we are just beginning to understand. If it weren’t for the Higgs boson discovery, we probably wouldn’t even understand this part. But this is the part that we can see and touch. That’s it!
So you see, a closed mind does not serve the purpose of questioning what is beyond our current understanding. After all, the purpose of science is to explore. To discover. And that’s exactly why I’m here and why you are still reading. Because it’s about to get real good!

We look out there to understand the universe. In doing so, we find that it leads to the journey within. The path to the true self. We are a microcosm of what’s out there. Our brain’s neural network mimics the universal brain’s dark matter structure. Dark matter is the universe’s gray matter. Ultimately, we realize that perception we use to shape or reality gives us only a fraction of reality. Our consciousness is a narrow bandwidth streamed from the universe itself. I am a channel in an infinite line-up of programming available.

As psychology and neuroscience advance, we find that our brains are capable of more than imagined before. Using principles of quantum physics, we now perceive how our surroundings are constructed within our field of thought. This is the mind (not the same as the brain). With our mind, our thoughts create our reality.

And here’s where it gets even better! Our mind is made up of several ‘layers.’ First, there is the conscious mind. This is the part that thinks it’s in control of our daily activities and decisions. It controls about 5 percent. That’s it. Our mind actually follows programming like computer code that makes up our subconscious. This is what is thought to control 95 percent of our activities. But there’s more. A lot more! Then there’s subconscious, the undiscovered part. When we tap into other levels, we activate these higher thought forms. These can range from angels to laws of physics to the universe itself. This is all within our own conscious power!

What this does is to set precedence that angels are higher thought forms of your mind. Wider frequency spectra than our typical conscious/subconscious channels. But it also tells us that we won’t find angels in the physical realm, of which science mainly sticks to. We must venture outside, into the depths of pure thought. We must get out of our comfort zone. This is where we start discovering!

Angels do follow physical rules of the universe. And to understand them, we only need a basic understanding of quantum physics. The principle of nonlocality tells us that a particle in motion takes all possible paths throughout the universe. What we observe id’s the highest probable path formed by combining all paths. Anything can exist anywhere at any given time. Second, the same sum over histories can be applied to time, which is really just measurement of physical decay. So any time does exist. Thoughts exist without time or location. Consciousness is not limited to just you – it is everywhere.

In a higher form of consciousness, angels can be anywhere at any time! And this higher form of consciousness is a guiding force in your life for your highest and best good when you let it! Angels work in your mind when you focus on good intentions, love, and gratitude. Simply, by focusing on love, angels act in your higher consciousness to manifest the physical universe around you into a better place.

Just try it. As a scientific experiment, research angels and how they can help any part of your life. Think with loving gratitude and invite these higher conscious beings into your mind. Focus on what you want to manifest, and observe how your life changes with your newly found focus. With time, your skills well improve. And with science, our knowledge base is always growing and improving. Perhaps we are not far from a major breakthrough discovering a link to brain activity and higher consciousness. Or, maybe were already there but just haven’t read all the scientific journals yet. Time to explore!

This is our universe. Infinite probabilities and infinite possibilities. And it is all within the  of your mind. Science is our roll to explore it. Use it! With love and deep gratitude, I thank YOU for reading and sharing. Spread this message and help open someone’s mind. Thank you!



“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.”
– Frank Zappa

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