Scientific Evidence of the Akashic Records Found Hiding in Plain Sight

Can you imagine how you'd react if nothing you were ever told was true AND none of it was a lie? Nobody purposely misled you. Everything you believed to be true was what you allowed to be true. And that's how your brain programmed itself to perceive that which you thought to be true. And with critical thought and questioning everything, you discovered what was actually true. Your perception expanded. Your consciousness grew. This is what happens when we start learning for ourselves and stop the repetition of words in our minds.

We take everything in. And you decide how to perceive it. That's because the human brain is not capable of uptaking all of the information surrounding you at this very moment. And that's perfectly ok! Because the universe has it's own data backup system built-in. And since you're the universe projected exponentially throughout every grain of your existence, you are connected to this backup! Every seemingly separate component of you is experiencing a process of quantum entanglement that provides this connection. And it's way faster than Li-Fi. It's been measured to be over 10,000 times the speed of light. And that's just to the closest approximation because none of our technology even comes close to measuring the speed of entanglement!


So where you gonna go to access this data backup? Since early times of alchemy, a concept known as the Akashic Records has been taught. Now we live with science, though. We don't just accept things to be. We find explanations based on observations and mountains of data! So what if this has been hiding all along? What if we already have evidence that the universe stores information and never loses anything?

You see, everything is information. Inside you are cells coded with your identity and your genetic blueprint. In those cells there's proteins that copy the information. Proteins are molecules made up of atoms each coded with specific properties that allow them to bond. Inside the atoms are protons, neutrons, and electrons. Inside these are quarks and force particles. These are basically vibrating energy. And this energy can be expressed in so many ways, so it's information contains all of its possibilities. And when you get to the root of it all, everything is this information. Energy, or information, cannot be created or destroyed. All of this information is stored in the universe at its dormant state, and the same information is expressed in the physical in the post-Big Bang universe we know (aka creation).

So we know the information is there. Throughout all time and space, information is always there. Yet for many years in science, we have been studying a paradox. It was once thought that information was lost in black holes. I ain't talking about medieval times either! This was late last century. Blank holes were first postulated back in the late 1700s and gained notoriety in the early 1900s thanks to Einstein. It was once thought that nothing escapes them. We've observed light being sucked in never to escape. Even today, we are trying to get our first actual glimpse of what a black hole looks like! Steven Hawking proposed a radiation from black holes that may account for some of the information, but not all. String theorist Leonard Susskind proposed a mechanism by which information is copied and stored on the surface of the event horizon. Today Hawking uses a similar approach, explaining the information paradox by using "fuzzy hairs."


What does all of this mean? More importantly, where are the socks that your dryer ate? All of the information, including the socks, gets dismantled into the fuzzy hairs and is stored on the surface of the black hole. While I wouldn't advise every physically accessing this data, we know that black holes do store all of the information they consume. They are the data backups of the universe! So is it possible that the Akashic Records are referring to this ability the universe has of storing information?

What if there's more? Since we're only beginning to understand black holes, even after over a century of studies, now is the perfect time to ask questions. What is beyond the event horizon? How is the black hole connected to the universe? I found an interesting parallel while researching the Omniverse (it's a white hole that spit out the singularity that is everything we know—our universe and all of its parallels). The same thing happens with a white hole. All of the information exists at its event horizon. What we observe in our universe is actually a holographic projection from this surface. A black hole is simply a microcosm, or a smaller version. It reflects everything inward whereas the white hole projects outward. This is the connection! This is where we can access all of the information of every freaking thing in this universe at any time!

And it's good to know that we can explore these possibilities now, yes? Find out more about the Omniverse by reading my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse ( Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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