Scientific Evidence of the Soul

The soul is the essence of who you are. Is it physical? Can it be observed and proven to exist? There may be many in science who wouldn’t dare ask these questions from fear of being discredited or even blacklisted from publications. However, the true nature of science is to explore, and it is in everyone’s  nature to discover!

While most of us may be unaware, one of science’s greatest discoveries is already upon us. In the 2000s, the DNA mapping project of the human genome was completed. It was thought that all of the answers would be found in this genetic blueprint thought to be the controlling factor of everything in our human bodies. It was neither the answer to all of the questions nor the controlling factor. DNA was found to be the culprit of some abnormalities, but the mapping project left us with even more questions. We were left with a majority of  ‘junk’ DNA that couldn’t be explained. And we found out that DNA is not in control!



Meanwhile, on the spiritual intuitive front, Hay House author Vianna Stibal had written Theta Healing, a pioneering work bridging science and spirituality. In her book, the human soul was described to her as a physical region surrounding our genes. It was said to be a mechanism that can control the expression of genes. Another Hay House author, Bruce Lipton, with his book, Biology of Belief, was on the forefront of studying how cell walls controlled identification of the body’s individual cells – not the DNA. Our genetic code is simply a blueprint. What is it that reads this blueprint? The soul.

On the cutting edge scientific front again, it was discovered that there was another, previously unknown aspect to our DNA. It was surrounded by molecules which reacted biochemical in a process known as methylation. This essentially turns genetic switches on and off in order to express the genes in reaction to family and environmental coding. Epigenetics became the study of this new mechanism.

With epigenetics, we now have a process that explains much more than the DNA blueprint itself. In addition, we can explain how genes learn from parents, grandparents, and environmental factors. This process actually works through several generations. For example, decades after the Irish potato famine, pictures of well feed children looked just like starving children! This has been confirmed in countless scientific studies that examine changes to generations.

But here’s the part we might have missed in the scientific community! One of nature’s little secrets just waiting to be discovered, and oh what a gem! This new field could also be the discovery of the soul. If the soul were able to express itself in a physical reality, it would want to be in a position of control over or genes and or lives, right? By combining the spiritual teachings and scientific discoveries, we have actually discovered the first step to being in control of our very reality. Everything we experience from family to environment – and our very thoughts – are a part of this process. In other words, our thoughts create our reality! We are a physical expression of our very essence, the soul, which could be this region of methyl molecules exposing our genes in such a way to create the life we wish to manifest!

The lessons here are many. First, discoveries are always waiting to happen. Second, or genes are not in control of us – through epigenetics, we are in control of the expression of our genes. Third, this brings to light the importance of mindful, healthy living, because what we think, what we eat, and what we do well have laying effects for generations. So be living and get the most out of your soul for your benefit, as well as your children and grandchildren!

And let’s not forget the lessons of spiritual science by the next up-and-coming Hay House author (me!). My first book is available now on Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. It is featured this weekend, October 24-26, 2014 in Hay House’s book gallery and catalog at their prestigious I Can Do It conference in Pasadena, CA. I will also be attending my first book signing event at Hay Houses Author Solutions booth in the Miami Book Fair International from November 21-23. I will be talking very soon about the importance of the universe, which is actually part of YOU (not the other way around as we are taught). Discoveries are everywhere! And gets a bonus little tidbit: When DNA molecules react, the quantum interaction results in a photon of light being produced. We are beings of light!


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