Secret Science of Happy Thoughts

Thoughts are living things. And isn't that a cool way to think about things? What this means to your life can be just as profound and insightful as it is healing. Because as living things, your thoughts consume what you choose to feed them. And it makes all the difference. Here's why...


Thoughts are not physical, and there's no proof that they even exist other than circumstantial evidence. Like dark matter everywhere in the universe, we know them by the effects on their surroundings. Thoughts can be measured by looking at brain waves. But you can't read a thought by brain waves. You can't even tell what's going on inside a person's head (other than just the brain activity). 

Here's the thing about thoughts. They can be good or bad. And you might not always know just by looking at a person what they're going through. They might be experiencing bad thoughts about emotional or physical pain but put a good face on themselves. The most important thing, whether you're going through this in some way or not, is to acknowledge the thoughts. 

Be mindful. 

Your thoughts live off of what you're feeding them. They're alive. And like you, if you eat a diet of poor unhealthy choices, you get pain. You become toxic. And you get better when you eat healthy. But sometimes, you had to go through that in order to learn what's good for you. So maybe you've had to feed your thoughts in unhealthy ways to facilitate this change that's happening right now. And in this new light of awareness, notice how feeding thoughts with healthy vibes enriches every aspect of your life. 

There's science behind this. Happy thoughts nourish your cells. It's the energy that cells respond to. As with diet, unhealthy choices result in cellular inflammation--precursor to disease. And dis-ease is therefore a misalignment of your prime directive to live the best life you can. So make your cells happy! This doesn't mean not to have bad thoughts--it means don't keep feeding them. Instead, acknowledge them and thank them for serving a purpose in the past up until now as you move forward bringing a happy healthy future into the now.

As your cells continue to experience a healthy environment, they become even more alive, invigorating the whole body with life. Cells have a way of passing down this information too. The environment you provide allows the methylation process of DNA molecules to switch genes on or off. This is epigenetics, which allows you to pass down the environmental lessons learned in the DNA switching to your children and grandchildren and other generations to come. Another reason to have happy cells! 

Your body even has ways of learning from its own generation of cells as they live and die. Cells make up your body, but they don't live as long as you, so they must constantly regenerate. Some die and are regenerated daily, while others take up to 10 years. At any given moment, you are no older than 10. Just let that sink in for a minute. 

Now you're a new you!

This is made possible by cells storing and passing down information to their replacements. Cells store information throughout their lives, so they can give the new cells a download of what they learned--what stimuli you provided that caused harm or benefit. And they take this a step further to optimize your living experience. They learn. They give the new cells information on what they know to be best. It's like epigenetics within the body. Your DNA is optimizing itself. So whether you feed your good or bad thoughts, it affects how your cells live and regenerate too! 

And speaking of DNA, did you know that your brain can make specialized cells with their own unique DNA? That means that you are not coded with any predetermined destiny in your DNA. You can switch genes on and off. And you get to make new, specialized ones in your neural networks. The truth is, your neural networking is completely rewirable. You are constantly making new cells and neural networks. When you've acknowledged thoughts that served you in the past and created new empowering ones, you rewired your brain. And you're doing it now as you're exposed to new empowering ideas! 

So it's in your power to make your life better simply by feeding your thoughts a healthy diet. Your thoughts affect your cells, which also affect your brain, and your offspring as well. The science is in the energy of the interactions. The energy provides the environment for healthy, happy cells. And your thoughts are that energy. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 



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