Secret Science of Prana Hacking

What would you do once you crack the universe's ultimate power? Would you travel the cosmos? Would you create life? Would you live it up for good? The possibilities are endless! And the absolute truth is that you do have this power. The fact that you are living and breathing right now is proof! You are the universe expressed exponentially throughout every grain of your existence—every subatomic particle of your being. You are a conscious being. Consciousness is a flowing energy, just like the air you're breathing right now. And just as you and I share the same air, we do with consciousness...

The universe has a beginning. We call it the Big Bang. At this very moment, all of the energy is transmuted into physical form as space expands faster than light. Space allows for the flow of energy. Flow is the natural state of the universe. Flowing gas clouds formed stars that transmuted even more energy into atoms, with every new generation building upon the last in an everlasting flow that manifests the building blocks of life. Yes, life is this flow. Every step along the way, energies interact in more complex ways. The universe becomes more intelligent. And with you, self aware. Consciousness is this flow. It flows in and through you right here and now, and will continue to do so after your body expires because, you see, energy cannot be destroyed. It simply must flow.

It is this flow that becomes the natural physical laws creating the framework—the very blueprint—for you and I to be here right now in this brand new moment. This flow creates life. This flow creates consciousness. And all of it follows the laws of physics, transmuting the energy of all that is! This is prana. It is pure life force. Juicy universal love! And you know I'm about to tell you how to hack it...

The first hack is recognizing it 

I didn't say this was going to be hard did I? You already know all of the answers because you're doing it. If not, you wouldn't be here. Love simply because you ARE love! You are the power of all that is transmutred into a completely unique bundle of flowing life force.

Hack #2: Tweak it

Your lifestyle naturally gives you tweaks to increase prana. Ever notice how someone can just walk into a room and raise the vibration? You can do that. Do you see people that attract others all the time? You can do that! It's all in the prana. You see, when your prana is higher, you honor the natural flow within yourself and viola—it becomes reflected back to you! 

There are two simple and effective ways to increase prana, and you'll see results in the here and now. First, work on yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Do the work to develop yourself to who you want to be as you bring the reality of your dreams into the now! Take classes and workshops. Just get out there and be you!

Diet is also a great way of increasing prana. Ayurvedic diets are designed specifically for this. And without having to know all of the ancient knowledge, here's the gist: Easting raw and freshly cooked vegetables gives you more prana. Eating meats depletes prana. This doesn't mean you can't have meat. I mean, everybody loves bacon. That's why they call it bacon! You can tweak your diet with sustainable wild and free-range meats. I always say to trust your gut. Listen to your body and be truly mindful of yow your body feels with different foods. Diets evelove just as we do.

Hack #3: Connect and Download

Consciousness is as much as you can handle or as little. Even in your super-intelligent waking state, you're only taking in just enough for your brain to handle. But the body comes with natural tweaks to improve your connectivity. Start with some tin foil and a Pringles can... KIDDING!

Your connectivity really is like a broadband antenna. And your mind is computer code. All of your intelligence and self awareness that you perceive falls into the 5/95 rule. Only 5% of everything you do is controlled by your intelligence. 95% of the control belongs to the realm of subconscious. It's where the code is found. And where you can hack your mind to remove unwanted programs, replacing them with empowering ones! Access to your code is simple. It's just like putting your cell phone in download mode and connecting it. Meditate. Relax. Breathe. Simple as that. Don't know how to mediate? Perfect! There is no how to. It's ok because your mind knows what to do. Just be present with your thoughts and feelings.

Hack #4: Evolve

Yea, evolution is a natural hack that increases the flow of prana. Your DNA also follows the 5/95 rule. 5% of your genes are deterministic. That is, they can control pre-existing conditions. The other 95% was known as "junk DNA" when our ancient ancestors in the early 2000s first decoded the genome. But then we found huge information storehouses in the 95%. Your evolution is actually encoded in your genes. Yea, you're that badass! 

Epigenetics became known as the mechanism genes are turned on and off. The coolest thing about epigenetics is that the physical interactions in your DNA are actually responding to the nonphysical energies of your environment. And the changes are passed down for several generation. Genetic learning. Evolution in action. So changing the energy around you can literally reprogram you. And it's good to know that, isn't it?


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