Seven Secrets of Success Part 4: Gratitude

Today, you will learn about a new superpower within you. You probably use this power already, or maybe it has been dormant and waiting to emerge. You see, gratitude is about more than just giving thanks. Giving thanks is very important, but as I always say, there’s more to the picture. This is your superpower!

When you are in the feeling of gratitude, you are literally manifesting how your life unfolds around you. While this may seem a little far fetched, gratitude becomes a confirmation to the universe for positive feelings you have about someone or something. When you want something – live, abundance, success – do you focus on wanting? Don’t! Focus on how it feels to be in love, to be overflowing with abundance, and to be successful and happy. Give thanks for that feeling and you are aligning yourself with the universe in which those things are happening. The universe does the rest for you!

Gratitude goes deeper than this too. It is a key to communication in relationships as well as business. Again, it’s more than just giving thanks. It gives people two of the most important feelings they can get from you: acceptance and appreciation. People feel that their efforts have been rewarded. This is appreciation. Now, they are more willing to do things for you out of their own free will and they are happy to do so. And when the two of you click like this, you both feel accepted by the other. You are now a working unit.

Think of all of the times at work or at home that you haven’t felt accepted and you haven’t felt appreciated. Now you know the secret! All that person had to do to give you those feelings was to give thanks. Now that you know, go forth and spread gratitude everywhere! Even if you haven’t gotten the thanks you felt you deserve, that’s just the universe giving you the chance to give even more! Set the intention to be the best example off lobs and gratitude. You can change your universe! Gratitude is the tool you can utilize to transform yourself into the universe filled with the love and abundance you deserve.

That being said, I want to thank all of the people, animals, and angels in my life for being there for me. I want to thank those who taught me the harsh lessons in love and in business, for those lesions have carved me from a done into a beautiful statue!   And now I have the chance to thank all those working on my behalf to make my book into a reality! It is only the beginning of my transformation, and soon I will be everywhere giving talks about the true nature of our universe, guiding it’s how to discover it.

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Peace, love, and knowledge

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