Secrets of the Heart

There's something everyone has in common that we all experience at least once in this lifetime. The trick is you don't have to dwell on it. You don't have to own it or let it own you. You don't have to give your power to it. You don't even have to let this experience strengthen yourself. Because this experience serves you, as it has in the past up until now, to bring you into your most authentic self. And you will shed layers in this process. Just trust the process...

The wound is where the light shines through.

- Rumi

What we all experience is the feeling of heartbreak. It can be from just about anything. Loss of loved ones. Breakups. Even just separation from someone very dear. In time you'll heal. But here's the secret that goes against every single thing everybody has ever told you.

You don't heal a broken heart. You heal yourself around the broken heart. And it takes exactly as much time as you need. Whatever that amount is will be the perfect amount of time for you.



Here's the trick. You don't have to associate with the story that caused you to feel a broken heart. That is not how you heal. You acknowledge that it happened and in some way had served you in the past up until now. Because it's not about changing the past. But what if you can change the way you think about the past?

You are invited to come into a deeper understanding of the process right here and now. Holding onto the past and your story are what's causing the pain-not the actual past itself. This is because your endocrine system regulates hormones, releasing stress hormones when you associate with pain from the past. You don't own the past and it doesn't own you! Stress hormones do as much damage to the body as a poor diet and can cause serious physical harm. So in this new light of awareness, wouldn't it be in your best interest to let go right here and now, moving forward into a brand new version of yourself?

Ask yourself this question: if you could see yourself through a pair of brand new eyes each and every day, how would you see yourself differently? How much more love can you see right now? Well the fact of the matter is, all of your cells regenerate. The cells in your retina really are making themselves new for you. So your body is giving you this chance to see yourself in a new light every single fucking day! The only way not to see yourself this way is to be stuck inside your story! So allow yourself to observe your feelings without the need to embody them.

New perspectives mean new, clearer lessons. Without the side effects! Observing lifts your consciousness up into the higher self. From this vantage point, you will see how you acted or reacted in the past, and how those feelings may be coming up now. However without embodying the feelings, you are free. It's really that simple! This is a process of energy flow. Emotions are energy that can manifest in the physical. Your body can produce hormones making you healthier when you just allow this energy to flow as you observe.

The ego is bringing these up because it knows it is the perfect time for your subconscious to process and transmute them. So all that self talk and self doubt actually serves a higher purpose when you let it, by observing. That is why the ego is the messenger of the soul, just as angels are messengers of God.

So when you don't block your feelings, they flow through naturally. Just by observing. Wanna know another secret? The energy flow that transmutes your emotions is doing something miraculous. You see, if you've been afraid of certain outcomes, taking a step back into a different frame of reference allows that fear to be transmuted to love. It's so easy!

Fear is just love turned upside-down.

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

So are you ready to do this, acknowledging that your past has served you up until now in this brand new moment and allowing your soul to effortlessly transmute fear to love? Are you completely free of objections of any kind? Great! Here's a very special perspective of how the brain works: When you experienced heartbreak for the very first time, your brain wired up its neural pathways around this feeling and what resulted from it. Every fucking time you experienced heartbreak after this, the brain is literally sending information down that same pathway! Whoa! Is that why you've been reacting the same way? Is that why the feelings have been the same on the past up until now? Yes! Your brain is just doing what it was programed to do. Until now! Now your brain has awakened to new possibilities and is ready to create all new neural pathways based on the higher vibration of love! And you can be guided through this process...

When you're ready to take this to the next level, changing the way you act from this point moving forward, i invite you to take action. I will be guiding you through this timeline exercise with other techniques to find and transmute limiting beliefs. You can't change the past, but you can sure as shit change yourself in the here and now! Subscribe to Omniversal Enlightenment to receive updates of upcoming webinars and webshops. Announcements will be coming soon. This is just the beginning of the new you!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

Many hold fear as means of protecting oneself but this is a flimsy and failing attempt at guarding their heart. By being courageous with love and your full expression, you create a barrier of protection of light and love that cannot be penetrated. You are indestructible through love

- Kuan Yin on fear and love, channeled by Bree Melanson at



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  1. Reading this while listening to Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” – how powerful combining your words and that beautiful music was! Thank you.

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