Secrets of the Universe Unveiled

I'm really good at not keeping secrets. 😉 This secret is the answer to an age-old question. What is the meaning of life? In the midst of cracking the universal code, this came through in a stream of consciousness that has remained an open portal. I asked this very question in Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. And the answer may be simpler than you think. When you ask a question, the universe delivers the answer...

Imagine a cycle of energy. The universe is at the event horizon of a white hole. It cannot fall back in. But gravity wells formed by black holes and dark matter inside the universe balance out the energy. It's like evaporation and precipitation cycles on Earth. It's like the Yin and the Yang. It's a constant flow of information at its very essance. But the one thing missing is a mechanism to observe this phenomenon. In quantum physics, the observation is what makes a particle or wave appear to be as it is. Nothing is anything until it's observed—it's actually infinite possibilities all wrapped up in one. So the observation makes everything happen. And that's where consciousness comes in.

The universe is a very simple consciousness. I know we give it a lot of credit for being super intelligent, but its simplicity is its elegance. The universe is first and foremost a singularity—a point. Everything is infinite energy. Until it decides to be something. The Big Bang isn't just creation. It's a decision to be! From this decision, the illusion of separation is created. This gives all of the parts of the newly projected universe the ability to attract. We know attraction as love. The universe knows this as consciousness in action. So is the meaning to love then? Don't stop there, it keeps getting better!

The attraction allows every aspect of the universe to have its own unique consciousness. As this energy flows and particles of like colors and flavors attract each other, matter and forces form. Our baby universe is growing! The flowing of attractive forces stimulates the evolution of the universe on a subatomic scale, and it keeps growing. As particles attract and build upon themselves, their consciousness grows and becomes more complex. Atoms form. Molecules form and create the building blocks for life. Each step becomes more complex as the consciousness evolves. So is the meaning to evolve? Well, you could say that evolution is a means. It keeps getting better.

Love drives evolution. Evolution creates complexity as the consciousness grows into a hierarchy of decision-making. The universe is learning about itself as it goes through this process. And it needs the observer in order to do so. That's where life comes in. You have evolved to be an intelligent being, understanding all kinds of cool stuff! The universe needs you to observe. To be able to separate your point of view from only your eyes and see the big picture. In doing so, you are the creator as you take information from this field of infinite consciousness and make your reality. So is the meaning then simply to observe? Say it with me this time: It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

Here's the cool thing. Because you're the creator, you get to put your own twist on things. You get to see what you want to see, because the universal consciousness of flowing love is always (yes, always) going to reflect back to you. Your light is split into a beautiful rainbow that's just as unique as you are. The way you see things is your perception. Everyone has a different way to see things, creating a reality custom tailored to their experience! This perception is a glorious gift of your evolution.

NOW your perception is fed into the feedback mechanism by which you observe the universe and it learns about itself. That's right, the way you see things isn't only to create your reality. That's just the surface of a huge body of water! When you dive in fully, you feel it. That perception that is unique to you is valuable information for the ever-evolving consciousness of all that is. And you're not just tapping into this universal consciousness—you are experiencing it. You're driving it. You're creating it. Simply be perceiving it, you are feeding the flow of love into the universe itself. Just like the Yin and Yang. Just like the flow of the universe itself. Perception adds color. Perception feeds the universe with information allowing it to continue to evolve as you do.

The meaning of life is to perceive. That means you are free to perceive all of the beauty and magnificence of everything that you are. Perceive the universe in yourself expressed through every grain of your existence. Love every bit of yourself with all of your wonderfully juicy uniqueness. Love your natural divine intelligence for making the universe more knowledgable about itself. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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