Secrets of Your Soul Revealed

What is a soul? Is it something that can be detected scientifically? Is the soul something you have, or does your soul have a body? Are you your soul and not the body? What I'm about to say may raise even more questions as well as blow out our current knowledge about the soul.


First, there is a physical version of the soul that is detectable. There may be much more to the soul, but we are right on the forefront of learning about this, right here and now. The physical part of the soul is the mechanism by which the expression of our genes are switched on and off. The epigenome. We are just starting to figure out how this cloud of methyl molecules works as a control center for gene expression. But where does the cloud get its signals from? Ready for the next step?


Everything around you is energy. You are responding to this energy with your physical self. Every cell in your body responds to stimuli. And so does the cloud. The cloud is the physical extension of the energy that surrounds you. And the cloud must be linked to the identity imprinted on the walls of every one of your cells. This means that the energy you respond to was the energy meant for you. Your perception of reality is based on this system of energy. Your mind responds to filtered data. Your cloud is perfectly unique!

Welcome to your soul. Think of it as a graphical user interface between you (the hardware) and the operating system (consciousness). It recodes the programming specifically to your hardware. And it does so perfectly! This GUI even allows you to control multiple computers!

Envision yourself, your life, up on a screen. By using your GUI, you can view your whole life, fast forward, rewind, and pause. Picture yourself in a control room with multiple screens now. From a soul level, you can interface with many bodies in parallel times. These are your past lives, or in a quantum time viewpoint (where all possibilities exist all the time), parallel lives.


Cool huh? Well it gets even better! This interface is expandable and upgradable. Yes, your soul is programmable. And this process will guide you through downloading and installing upgrades.

First, let's expand your point of view to where you are no longer in first person. Picture yourself in a theater, now float up into the screen. See yourself from the viewpoint of a neutral observer. Now put that screen on in your control room, along with as many other screens as you envision. From this space you are simply observing your parallel lives. Now let's focus on the control room, taking our viewpoint away from the screens. This is the cloud.

This process of upgrading the cloud is automatic. You are just learning about the process, and that's all. You don't need to know how to do anything. Just trust the process. It's as simple as the brain rewiring new neural pathways, which it's doing right now as you read this. You are creating new neural pathways as new knowledge is being downloaded. Notice how easily you can focus on your cloud. Envision upgrades being automatically installed. You can even increase your awareness to beyond the cloud, just viewing it and reviewing for upgrades. When you download upgrades, you may notice life improving. This is part of the process. And on our level, it is like a soul 'walk-in.' It is simply a natural process of expansion. Just like nature. Just like evolution.

Here's another cool part-we are constantly updating our cloud as we interact with others, coming into alignment with those who support our personal evolution. There's no hard-wired past or destiny. These are as malleable as your brain's neural networks. When souls come together  you experience soul mates, soul family, and twin flames. These are simply connections you make-not people you seek or find. You are creating this from the cloud. And you see now that others may have gotten it backwards, telling you how to find your soul mate or twin flame. All you need is to be in alignment with the souls you love. In alignment with love. Your cloud does the rest. You automatically upgrade to be in alignment and become a twin flame. Just trust the process.

And now, in this brand new moment, your cloud has finished an upgrade. Your stream of consciousness is open to even more of the unlimited opportunities possible in the fields of energy in and around you. Simply, you are open to growing. At any moment you choose, and whenever that moment is well be the perfect time for you, just float back from the cloud into the screen that is you and notice how effortlessly the downloads have already improved your outlook.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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  1. Beautiful writing! Wonderful, strong thoughts. I know we are soul connected forever. Glad about that! Proud of you. And me!! I love you.

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