Seeds of Consciousness

There are secrets encoded in our very DNA. It is the physical code from which our bodies are built and our entire evolution is coded. The more we look, the more we find about ourselves. Recently, a single gene was found to be responsible for the growth of the human brain.

Our brain is highly evolved and adapted for our environment. Today we are at the forefront of exploring the brain and its many secrets. In fact, in another recent study, a single neuron was found that helps us predict the actions of others. Intuition, meet neuroscience!

One of the most interesting traits our brains give us is simply this: self awareness. Once we become aware of ourselves, we become aware of our consciousness. And like or genes, the more we study, the more we find. Consciousness connects us to everything in the universe.


Consciousness is so powerful that many throughout history have tried to keep our knowledge down. They tried to bury our seeds of consciousness, not realizing that their actions were required to start our growth. Our seeds are sprouted and growing! And what happens next is pure beauty. We blossom! Just like the lotus flower which must overcome its surroundings, our consciousness blooms. This is enlightenment. And it’s simply shedding away that which no longer serves us. Let go…

Even self awareness becomes something that no longer serves us. At the time of death, it dissolves, yet life goes on. Bodies decay, microbes flourish, and nutrients go back to earth to be sprouted once again in new life forms. Even before death we can experience the dissolving of the ‘I am’ state. That is all that remains. The process of life.

When we enter into this beautiful blooming of consciousness’ full plumage, we experience life as the observer. We see beyond ourselves and our problems. We just see everything alive, giving us the feeling of pure love and compassion. We observe consciousness everywhere. Everything lives, grows, and evolves. The universe builds matter that attracts to form stars. Stars build atoms that make planets and biomolecular building blocks. DNA is an expression of this consciousness. And if we are an expression of our DNA, are we not merely an expression of universal consciousness on this level?

We are the ones, in this field of consciousness, creating the very seeds of consciousness. We write into the code of matter how to attract. We write into the code of biomolecules how to create life. We write into the code of DNA how to evolve into a conscious species. That’s why DNA hold secrets. Our consciousness puts them there for our consciousness to find them. We plant the seeds. We bury the seeds. We sprout. We blossom!

This is the process of the universe. The process of life. Love. Creation. Evolution. Everything is one. This consciousness is simply creating the conditions necessary to build in order to experience itself. It all starts with our self awareness. So give yourself thanks for knowing you’re here. It’s the first step to unlocking these secrets! You are planting the seeds of consciousness. Let go and let grow!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for experiencing your true beauty. Thanks for your infinite potential of conscious blossoming in the act of sharing our knowledge! It is done. It is done. It is done.


Change your perspective, change your universe.

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