Seven Secrets of Success Part 3: Patience

I’m going to wait a while and get back to you on this one…

This may be stating the obvious, but we live in a modern world full of conveniences to deliver instantaneous information globally. Everything in life and business is now, now, now! Patience doesn’t mean going slower, its importance lies in how we deal with people when we don’t have what we need yet. Even as I write this, I have been waiting for a response from my project manager for our next work area.

Patience is important on many levels. Lack of patience may result in emotional instability and even outbursts. Emotional highs such as anger can prevent people from thinking rationally, affecting the decision making process. Lack of patience also reflects lack of trust. When one does not trust another to perform a certain task, it is really a reflection of a lack of that individual’s ability to trust in themself. In essence, patience is based on a foundation of trust – an agreement between yourself and the universe around you. This is why truth is so important (see Part 2 of this series).

Patience is also a reflection of inner peace. Those with these qualities will be respected by others and well have much higher confidence levels than those stuck in the now, now, now paradigm. But it gets even better (wait for iiiit).

On a spiritual level, tranquility, or silence of the mind, it’s attained by being patient and eliminating desires. The desire to have instant results must be transcended. And what happens next will amaze you! You see, the universe is working in concert with you for your highest and best good. When you are able to reach tranquility, everything opens up right in front of your eyes! You will notice signs of confirmation everywhere. You will feel the positive flew off energy as you are gently nudged towards your own divine path of higher good.

Now that was worth the wait, wasn’t it? When you interact with people and things, drop your expectations and desires. Let what comes to you happen and see where it takes you! Let your spiritual guides, angels, higher thoughts (however you prefer to perceive this phenomenon) guide you. I have been using this technique to write this series. Every day I look for signs of the next Secret to Success. Patience is the key to opening the gates of universal wisdom.

Speaking of patience, I have been preparing my scientific proposal for what happened before the Big Bang and patiently awaiting it’s official release in bookstores, Amazon, B&N, and everywhere else. Please follow and for more info on the upcoming release date. Thanks for reading, and infinite thanks for sharing!



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