Seven Secrets of Success Part 7: Compassion

Love is the most powerful substance known to mankind. Modern physics seeks to answer questions about the universe and the underlying energy that all known forces originate from. This underlying energy is pure love. The universe is made of love! It’s that powerful.

We may have been taught that love is an emotion, but it really isn’t just that. All other emotions are like positive or negative frequencies of this pure white light. Love is our nature – our ground state.  When we act with unconditional love – compassion for all things – we are tapping into our highest potential. This highest potential is what is known as Christ, Buddha, or God consciousness. In essence, this is what we are!

Compassion is the obliteration of selfish thinking. With compassion, you act with the intentions of the highest and best good for people, the environment, and even the universe! This is how you accomplish your goals, your life purpose, your divine path. In regular life, things start working in your favor. You are clear minded and able to make sound decisions for loved ones and for work.

There is one thing I need to tell you. You WILL be tested. This is to reach you the lessons you need. To see yourself in situations and how you react. This is the universe’s quantum mirror reflecting yourself so you can see how you act and make adjustments for the better. And you will! You will begin to see only the positive outcomes. You will have no need for enemies even if they need you as a nemesis. You will transcend the mundane and rise to greatness – your highest and best inner potential!

One side effect of compassion is your ability to detect bullshit and negativity. Don’t let these get you down, they are here for you to perceive. As you rise above your former self and shatter your own walls that blocked you, you will see the true nature of things. Negative things and people aren’t really that way as they appear. They simply haven’t realized their potential. In this light, you become more forgiving of others as they are lost on their own path. Rather than see the negative effects, you see lessons learned.

This is the ah-ha moment you reach when you have realized your highest potential. This is the real you. The compassionate being you were born to be! And in the here and now of this moment, you see life the way it was truly meant to see. We are each a physical manifestation of the underlying energy of the universe – a focal point of love. And in this creation that evolved into this ever present consciousness that is you, you realize that unconditional love for all is what you were made to feel, bringing heaven to earth!

Please go forth and multiply your abundance of love! Let it shine through to others in your life, regardless of the circumstances. This is the universe’s secret to success endowed upon you!

Thank you for reading! Please follow Omniverse on Facebook at and go to for info on my upcoming books. The first gave me the realization that there is more to the universe than what we know. I will be exploring the subject further as I have found what the true meaning is for us. Borders between us, different religions and ideologies have been transcended as I only see pure love for all. This is my gift to the heavens we know as Earth! Thank you for sharing the love!


Peace, love, and knowledge

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