Seven Secrets of Success Part 2: TRUTH

There are three meanings of truth. Two of these relate to honesty: Be true to yourself and be true to others. These are very important aspects of life, relationships in business and love, and for being in touch with yourself and your emotions.

In business as well as relationships, truth is a keystone. One cannot build bridges without proper support. Likewise, one cannot build relationships without truth. The way I think of it is that truth is a preferred energy state of the mind. It is settled and confident. On the other hand, those that lie must always remember the lie and build upon that lie with more lies. This depletes your energy, also known as your prana. Honesty conserves energy and brings tranquility.

Another aspect of truth in business and personal relationships is that being honest results in trust. When people trust you, they don’t need to micromanage your activities our conversations with others. All relationships are built upon trust. That’s how important truth is!

So, by being true to others, you develop good relationships both personally and in business. By being true to yourself, you develop confidence. You become unshakable in your resolve. You get the job done! Most importantly, you must be able to trust yourself. This means you know that you will do the right thing when the situation arises.

In being true to yourself, the third and most important aspect of truth emerges. You must speak your truth. I have heard this phrase many times within the spiritual community and often it involves spreading a message of love to others. In essence, this is giving energy to others (and also why it is important for you to conserve energy by being honest). We all come to this world with a higher purpose. Speaking the truth is taking a step toward the path of this purpose.

So peaking your truth is related top your throat chakra, one of the body’s energy centers. This is very important because the energy centers regulate flew of energy in the body. Without speaking your truth, your body may experience health problems. Their it is health for your physical body to spread your message of love! Look for signs around you – gentle nudges pushing you toward this path. You will soon find them all around as the universe gives you confirmation for speaking your truth.

That being said, I am sharing my message with the world. I have painstakingly prepared a scientific proposal to ask the question of how we came to be: What happened before the Big Bang? My soon to be released book is going to raise the vibration of the world by changing our perception – we are the universe learning about itself. Without speaking my truth, we might never know the secrets the universe has to unveil!

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I’m going to give you a taste of the ultimate truth for reading and sharing: The universe has one underlying energy from which the for basic forces are perceived. This energy is what creates matter and even binds our own cells together. This is pure attraction, also known as love. The universe is made of live. You are made of love!


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